Is uncontrollable itching a symptom of fibro?

For about 3/4 years I have suffered with ridiculous itching to the point were I cut myself and I have read an article this morning which says itching is linked, does anybody else experience this? Again I have been the doctors over my itching in the past and it was just put down to sensitivity to bath soaps maybe? But now I'm thinking is it a part of this.

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  • I didn't know it was a part of fibro until I read that article! Thanks for your help 😊

  • A process of elimination is needed hun- try using Simple range and non biological washing products, don't allow yourself to get too warm that makes our skin itch, my younger sister went thru 2 years of tests to ascertain why she had developed psoaratic arthritis on her hands and feet, low and behold she has been told to stop drinking white wine, the grapes are causing her allergy. I use Simple range everything and sometimes it can be your meds, can you recall what you were taking when the itching started? E45 to calm it down don't cover the affected area like legs and arms let the cream soak in, have you any pets? I have 2 cats with different fur and one brushing cross my legs causing a flare up, the other I have no problems with... Good luck it might take time.

  • I've tried changing the washing powders and it makes no odds, I've tried bath wash with 0% fragrance etc I only itch my legs nowhere else! Even changing meds coming off meds its never stopped the itching I've tried E45 that seemed to make it worse I've tried double base gel and things like that but I may try antihistamines to see if that helps xx

  • yes I understand- my legs itch after I,ve been in the hydro pool , I have to ensure I shower the chlorine off fully, I ve been told to "expose" them more, stop wearing jeans, pull ups and wear a skirt more, I would go for antihistamine tablets like Loratidine they are for skin, and maybe Hc45 cream which contains an antihistamine, it does dry my skin and so I too have doublebase gel to rub in at night.

  • Yes I get terrible itching, at the moment the skin on my stomach looks really raw we're I've scratched it so much, I take allergy tablets and have proscription shampoo and body wash but it's still itchy xx

  • You can get something for the bath which is prescribed for excema sufferers, (can't remember the name, sorry) Also oats in a muslin or net type bag under the hot tap when running a bath.

    If it happens when your legs get too warm, press wet flannels on the affected areas to cool them down and renew frequently.

    You can get aqueous cream with added menthol from the chemist, he willl make it up for you, this is cooling. Also try commercial cooling gels, sprays or creams.

    Hope this helps.

  • Hi HanLea

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this, and it can be a symptom of Fibro. I have pasted you a link below to the FMA UK cache on this issue:

    It can also be caused by a myriad of other things from medication to shower gel. If this persists or gets any worse I would talk to your doctor about it just to have other medical conditions ruled out of the equation.

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi Hanley, I'm one big itch lol. I itch from head to toe on a very regular basis. I have a back scratcher to hand for less accessible places. Such as my ankles and back.

    I've been advised to try anti-histamine but haven't been able to get out the house lately so I don't yet know if that would work.

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