Restless leg syndrome

watch the program restless legs last night I have this complaint ,,didn't know thats what I had until I see the program, every thing people said was me they were Evan controlling the pain the same as I do ,,sort of self harm like causing pain more in the effected place ,I think people will know what I mean ,I was so shocked, anybody see this program,, what do you think. Suzey. X sorry about spelling can't spell .

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  • Hi suzey26j

    I am so truly sorry to read that you were shocked by some of the programme my friend. I have recorded it so I have not watched it yet. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • I watched it with interest and could relate as I also occasionally suffer with it. My heart went out to them, I can't imagine having it every single day. It does appear that anything to do with the nervous system is hard to cure.

  • The pain is terrible ,I have this every day ,l feel that a lot of what people get fibro,,,naurophy,,.all seem to have a lot of the same complaints . suzey X

  • I suffer with this also every nite!! I got to the point of hating the thought of evening drawing in, I had dark thoughts also so can relate to them, my doctor put me on pramipexole which helps with the movements (thank god) but it doesn't take the pain away!! You really just have to try and cope with it x

  • Ask your dr about oxynorm,it works for me just a couple of hours and it's back again but then I take 5. Tabs a day one every 3/4 hrs I don't think I would be here now if it wasn't for my meds. suzey. X

  • I get RLS mostly at night and I find magnesium oil is good, and I take magnesium tabs, though sometimes. I Have to get up and walk about until it settles down, I watched the programme and have to say it was very dramatic and a bit over the top , it showed one woman who couldn't keep her feet still most of the time and then she went and paid £50 for a pedicure where she couldn't move her feet as they were wrapped in cellophane , why would you put yourself through that, better if she'd taken a friend out to lunch as she was complaining of being lonely, well at least she's got nice nails lol , anyway it's a horrible horrible feeling but I think this programme was very sensationalist and didn't offer any solutions to this awful complaint, it was very depressing, there was no talk of the medication that is available, or any hope for the future, take care

  • Hi mydexter, i totally agree with everything you have said! I was waiting with anticipation about this programme, but was extremely let down by the lack of description of how people get RLS and how we can help to get the best medication, etc! One hour off my life iam never going to get back!! John.

  • Hi John, yes it was a complete waste of time wasn't it, in fact it made me feel quite depressed, the couple where the woman was worried about their relationship breaking down because of her problem made me think that well there can't be much there in the first place if RSL would cause him to go 😳

  • Hi again mydexter, your absolutely correct with that statement about the couples marriage! It's unbelievable that RLS would cause their relationship to end!! IDIOTS!! Yeah the programme was a total let down! We could have done better!!!😉😎

  • I know the husband had zero tolerance if I was her I would spend the night "accidentally" kicking his leg. Have you ever heard anything like it.Youve gone over the line a nearly sprayed my coffee over the screen. I hope she watches the thing back and realises RLS is not the only thing making her unhappy. He could have moved to another chair. 😤

  • My husband had RLS. GP told him to buy tub of magnesium in powder form and put it beside his bed. He brings a small amount of warm water with him when going to bed. He heaps a half spoonful of magnesium into the WARM water it fizzes a bit, and takes it. He has never looked back. Worth a try as magnesium is very inexpensive.

  • I'm going to give that a go, thank you 😃

  • I'm gonna try that ,, thanks for that. suzey. X

  • I haven't watched it yet and may not now if they did not offer advice about treating it.

    What a shame and a real let down.


  • Those poor people and you too! I didn't realise restless legs could be so bad! There's always someone worse off!

  • I too was not impressed by what it was saying and no mention was made of other parts of the body affected by RLS particularly the arms. I would find treating the legs was easier than treating the arms, we have the hands to help with easing the leg pains by pouring cold water on them but we do not have a spare pair of arms when it is the arms causing the problem. Not a very 'factual' documentary. Shame the TV time was wasted in not painting a factual picture of what 'we', as RLS sufferers, have to contend with day by day.

    One good byproduct of the program it seems is the fact that a number of unbeknown RLS sufferers now know what illness they have been suffering from for so long. That can't be bad!

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