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Restless leg syndrome!

Hi all hope you are as well as can be. I am suffering terribly with restless leg syndrome, does anyone have any good tips for coping with this- medication, therapy anything as it's driving me crazy!!

Thank you

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Hi Misstinkerbell

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering with Restless Leg Syndrome, and I genuinely hope that you can find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve. I have pasted you a link to the NHS Choices cache on treatments, so I hope that you find this useful:

NHS Choices - Restless Leg Syndrome Treatments


I want to wish you all the best of luck with this.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Hi misstinkrrbell, sorry for your distress, i found that taking vit d helped enormously, i was quite deficient according to blood test, have you been tested for this, it is a common deficiency in fibro.

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Iron tablets with vitamin c, these are supposed to help, but I was so desperate that went to doctor, he precibed Pramipexole you have to build the dose up slowly,it was about three weeks before the RLS stopped down side is these meds caused really bad headaches these are less intense but to be honest headaches were more manageable than the RLS. My RLS was not just in the legs I had it in various body areas. Tramadol stopped this condition And others that I was suffering from, but Tramadol isn't for long term use but the doctor might give you these as a short term solution until the Pramipexole sets in. I can can understand why suffers have committed suicide as at one point I just didn't know what to do with myself, used to dred the on set of evening time. Hope this has been helpful and hope you get this sorted quickly.



Hi I know what it feels like to have restless leg syndrome and cured it by taking magnesium twice a day - never looked back. Magnesium is needed in 300 processes in your body. Some people with fibro also get cramps in the legs and magnesium also eases this. It is the most important mineral needed for your body.

I hope this helps you - I have had fibro for 30 years!!!

Gentle hugs


I have it terribly bad sometimes I don't take anything for it I tend to stretch my legs all the time but I fell like I could chop them off there that bad I have to get up & walk around too also get it in my arms sometimes hope you get sorted but it's part n parcel of fibro I'm told but my daughter has it aswell it developed while she was pregnant it's a b*****d do hope you get a bit of a rest xxxx


Sorry I also drink tonic water that does help a man we got speaking to said he used to have a bottle by his bed & sipped it well me being me drinks it all anyway it does work for a while. But I drink a lot of tonic now so nothing happens lol xx


The tonic water has to have quinine in it as it's the quinine that helps! Tonic without quinine it it will be why you never felt it helped you! I have a few friends retired nurses & I learned this fact from them :)


Hiya. I tried answering you last night, but would you believe it. My RSL decided to play up and i couldnt sit long enough.

Anyways I have suffered from RSL for years, not only at night but throughout the day as well, so i wasnt even able to sit down long enough to eat a meal.

Eventually I was put on Ropinerole. Since then things have improved greatly. I still get it but a walk around the house, or a hot bath, Even just stand in the shower running hot water on my legs will usually bring relief.

Hope that you soon find something that will help you as i can fully understand what you mean about suicide. have a word with your Gp about Ropinerole.

Hugs sue xx


Myaunt swears by Indian tonic water. It may help until you get something from your GP. I certainly hope so :)


I really feel for you, it drives me mad. Quinine tablets worked for a while. The only thing that stops it is Oramorph. (liquid morphine) I get through a bottle a month and docs are starting to say i'm having too much. I do hope you find something that helps you x


Hi Misstinkerbell, just wanted to let you know of something which helped me with my rls. I Got really frustrated with my legs jumping and twitching one night as I was sitting relaxing, so I pulled my legs right into my chair, forcing them to stay in. It worked while I was concentrating on not moving them, but I was worried that it would return with a vengeance when I was in bed, but it didn't. However, I now find that my toes are tapping along to music, and so is my head! Ah well, one thing sorted, another one pops up, story of my life! Gentle hugs, Julie xxx


as another poster said, magnesium is excellent for it, at least for most people. My sister takes it in prescription form from the doctor and it helped enormously, but I'd say you have to be consistent with it, best of luck.


Hi I have suffered with RLS for over 20 years , initially just occasionally but then over the years has increased. It is a terrible thing to have it has kept me up all night many times making life unbearable. I was prescribed quinine sulphate which was very good . Ask your doctor to prescribed or you can buy tonic water with quinine in. I hope this helped you good luck xx


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