i take my meds in the mornig and before bed, i know i took them last night but im not sure about this morning i know i took my pain med s this morning ,, you cant forget them i think your.body reminds you of that but i also take about 7 other for different reason, would you take them now or just leave it to tomorrow iim not sure if i took them now it would harm me in some way if imay have taken them this morning it would be double the dose what would you do if it was you? Suzey X

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  • Suzey would you be able to check the date you got your meds and see how many have been used and so work out if you have taken today's? I would also check the information sheet you get with your tabs as this normally tells you what to do if you forget to take your dose. It may be an idea to get a pill organiser box as this helps you keep track of what you need to take. I always used to forget mine! x

  • thanks for that i think it because we havnt got a proper sleep patern thanks again Suzey. X

  • i dont have a pill organiser box but i take out my meds i need for the day the night before but i am not on as many-one in the morning,two in the evening and my other three times a day.

  • lewissusan1955 .

    Not knowing what meds you are taking I dontn feel qualified to tell you what to do with the dose that you are not sure about.Its probably best to ring your surgery for their advice.

    I used to do this forget when I had taken meds so I Got myself a pill box/ tablet organiser only a couple of quid.When I get my prescription I fill it up.It Holds a months worth of meds day by day..If I have forgotten I Check and if Mondays slot is empty then I Know I have taken them.

    For the sake if a few pounds it saves a lot of worrying and panic.,and also a lot of tablet boxes around the house.

    Take care.



  • Hi Suzey

    As Crusee has said we don't know what other medications you are on and are not qualified to be able to tell you what to do.

    I have a couple of dosset boxes. These are pill boxes that you can put a weeks worth of medications in. They are marked up Morning Afternoon Evening.

    You can buy them in most chemists are definitely worth having.

    They are not expensive.

    Are you able to get some advice from your local Pharmacist and see what they say.

    On most medications, the leaflet that comes with it generally says that if you miss a dose just to wait until you are next due to take them.

    Lu xx

  • I have one of these too. Apart from helping you know what you've taken, it's much easier than having to open all your packs every day.

  • Why do they make the packaging on the tablets so hard to get into?!!

    I don't mean the child protection bottles. I mean the silver blister packs.

    I destroy some of my meds before I even get them out of the packet!

    Lu xx

  • I know exactly what you mean! My aspirin are impossible. I actually slit round each bubble with a needle to get them. Otherwise they end up powdered! 😀

  • Quite right BlueMermaid3

    I take about 12 meds in the morning it takes me ages to go thru each pack.And the morning time is when I am at my stiffest and the most awkward and painful.My hubby is always having to retrieve the ones I have dropped on the floor.

    The tablet box is a good investment.You can fill it at a time when your hands are least stiff and painful.



  • Hi, I get most of mine made up weekly in a dosset by the pharmacy, my husband picks them up for me. I still order other things through the doctor like patches, inhalers etc, maybe your pharmacy offers this option, I love it because as blue mermaid said the blister pack are really hard to open gentle hugs rosie ☺

  • Iv got a pill box from chemist for medications get one and you won't getmixedim not a Docter but if you took a double dose you would most likely fall asleep If youdident yo would be in pain

  • Hi lewissusan1955

    I am so sorry for my late reply to your post on this issue. If it happens again it may be best to ring your pharmacy and see what they advise? As not knowing what drugs you take and you could be on some potent stuff for your Fibro? I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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