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Hi I've had fibro for 20 years so have experienced a lot that it can throw at us! But recently I'm having flares of my right cheek well from chin up to eye socket it's bright red and is burning hot! It's not every day (that's a surprise!) and lasts a few hours wow I'm sure if I put a steak on it it would cook it! Anyone else experiencing anything like this?.....thanks for reading...x

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  • Hi , yes I get this too, I think maybe it's Roseacea , if you google it will tell you all about it, you can get cream over the counter to cool the skin Down.

  • Hi . It is not a well known fact but Rosacia is. Aused by a tiny mite that lives on everyones face . Im sure you could get cream from the chemist to kill the mite . Dont freak out everyone has this mite living on their face . Usually it causes no symptoms but in some cases rosacia occurs . I cant remember the name if the cream but the chemist eill know it best of luck

  • Hi louda

    I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are experiencing this my friend. It could be that Mydexter is right and you have Rosacea? I have pasted you an excerpt from the * NHS Choices cache on this issue:

    *Rosacea - Symptoms

    Rosacea causes a range of symptoms, although not everyone will experience them all.

    Most people with rosacea have periods when their symptoms are particularly troublesome, followed by periods when their symptoms are less so.

    The main symptoms of rosacea include:


    persistent facial redness

    visible blood vessels

    papules and pustules

    thickened skin

    Also, according to the **AnxietyCentre website, anxiety can cause the same symptoms. I have pasted you an excerpt below:

    **Burning skin sensation on the face anxiety symptom description: This anxiety symptom is of often described as: Feels like your skin is burning as though you have a sunburn, but there is no real reason for your skin to be burning. The skin on your face may feel hot and burning, but there are no burn marks.

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Have you been tested for Lupus? Caused a malar rash on the cheeks which can be worse in sunlight and mine really burns got sometimes and then goes down? Just a thought.

  • Thanks for putting that on Ken 😃

  • Yes I get this too only on right side of face, but also get feeling of sore gums and jaw. I am waiting a referral by my dentist to a specialist as my jaw is out of line. As you mention the pain comes and goes as usual. Hope the pain settles down for you. Happy Sunday.


  • Am waiting for test results for Sjogrens as well, right side of face, dry mouth and eyes etc. Do have rosacea but the rashes are significantly different.

  • Probably, doctor just advises fibromyalgia, everything is fibromyalgia now. I am sure if I needed stitches or had a broken leg it would be fibromyalgia! Had high positive Ana but my tests came back neg for Sjorgens and lupus. Best wishes


  • Hi yes i have fibo for abot 14 years since dignoisce i started about1 year ago with burning pain buti have it on body aswell nowx

  • Thanks for putting that on ken just thought was another smpton of fibox

  • I have burning over my body and know one can touch me when this is on i go thought the roof quilt can hurt me and keep me awake x plues fibo wakes me up with painx

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