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sleep is overated according to my body!!

17 nights now and only two settled nights through sheer exhaustion. so tired and fed up of muscles spasaming/ pain/cramps/ profuse sweating to not being able to stay warm and just my brain going ok now it's time not to sleep.

two weeks on holiday from work to give me a break and rest-back on Monday and feel awful, nodding off through day for minutes yukkk😣

well met with a consultant who gave me results of a sleep study who advised the test showed I was disturbed in sleep on that night for 58%of the night and advised it needs to improve then sent me home telling me I need to refer you to another dept, as not sleep apnoea, and your condition needs to be stabilised. (this is 8 years of issues) Your anaesthetist should be able to help from pain clinic.

That would be great if my pain clinic appt wasn't taking to date 9mths and counting.As no emergency apps as he is swamped.

I wanted to say to this consultant "No sh☆t sherlock I was referred to you. because I of sleep issues so I already knew that I came for help as exhausted!!"

I take tramadol, naproxen,loransoprzole, lyrica, sertraline,paracetamol;,feldene gel,sominex for sleep, heat pads ice pads, but hey no joy what next elephant tranquilisers!!!!!!

Sooooo tired😥

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Hi lou59

I am so gneuinely sorry to read this my friend, and I can genuinely relate to it being a lifelong insomniac and suffering with sleep apoena! I understand how lack of sleep can take it's toll on your body and harm your health long term. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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That's a feeling so many of us know so well, many commiserations.

Hope you get relief soon.


Bless you .you must be knackered.

Ur sleep patterns sound very similar to me until I started taking ametryptaline. Within a couple of days I was sleeping normally ! Although I don't feel any relief from the fatigue ,it's still way better than lying there in pain all night .

I hope ur sleeping better soon 🙄

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I joked that the only time in my life that I have had a good sleep is when I have had an operation and been given an aneasthetic, utter bliss. Like you my body is an alien to sleep. The other night with the aid of a sleeping tablet I got 4 straight hours the first time in months and strangely the next day felt even worse I think my body isn't used to relaxing totally for such a long time, lol.

I can totally commiserate with you. I also think some of the meds we take don't help. I thought my 6 months wait for Pain Management was long. I do hope you can get some help as I know what it is like.x

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