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I feel usually down and I feel I I want to do something I find myself still in bed, it's like a have to force myself to do something. The tablets usually make me feel even more sleepy as well and I feel guilty for being lazy. Little things can put me in pain like even opening a crisp packet, what about you guys? What do you find hard? Is there something that help with fibromyalgia, any things that help manage it.

What is your daily life like?

Similar to mine?

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  • Hi Linda3636

    How long have you had Fibromyalgia for? Do you still work?

    It would be interesting to know some more about you and what your daily life is like.

    What medications are you on?

    Lu x

  • I have been diagnosed since 2014, although I have had the pains before and it has got worse until today. I don't work and actually I wanted to ask members about wether they work or receive ESA. I take amitriptyline but I find it's makes me sleepy and lazy. Like a said I find little things painful and i would like to know how other manage it and how their day life is.

  • I do with my cfs and depression.

  • Hi bluemermaid3,

    How is your daily life and what helps you manage fibromyalgia?

  • Hi

    Yes pretty much the same as yours.


  • The main thing I can say to you is that you are not being lazy, fibromyalgia is a debilitating illness and no good comes from pushing yourself. XX

  • I was recently referred to the mental health team and realise now everything you say there is right!

  • Really I agree with lou1062 it is so debilitating and if your not careful it can become all about being in pain, which we are but I would like to encourage you to get a hobby it's a great distraction to pain . What I do is I set my alarm for 8.30am every day except Sunday and if I can I get up , if I can't I read my book and when I have read for maybe 30 or 60 mins I get up bathe dress and go get breakfast . Then I potter rest potter go into my craft room . Some days a week I see friends . Best wishes sweetie xx

  • I do the same, I set my alarm for 8 and take two painkillers and then I read or watch TV until they have worked and I feel OK to get up, have a shower etc. I don't know where I'd be without my crocheting as you say it takes your mind off things.

  • I think it's so important to have some routine and something to do. I would love to learn crochet but I really need a person who can teach me and be patient because I can't remember stuff (Meds ) crafting is a good distraction . X

  • I will take that onboard

  • Have you tried searching YouTube? YouTube taught me almost everything I know about crocheting. You can rewatch it a million times and most zoom in and have slow motion in their beginner videos.

    Good luck×

  • Hi I have tried you tube but I can't get it done in time , but I will certainly lay look out for the beginners tutes thank you so much for that xx

  • Hi. I find nothing really works. Meditation helps a little bit keeping busy with my hands help although I get pain from it, it does keep my mind occupied and forget the fibro pain for a while its still there. I get worried a lot over my memory its starting to really get me down...diagnosed in 2015 but suffered for 12 years prior. Currently signed off work since September last year I get ESA and PIP. I crochet but that hurts after 10 mins.

  • I enrolled with the OU. Initially for stand alone courses. I intersperse studying with other tasks. There is sense of having achieved something everyday and even more important a feeling of not just let my life drip drip away on the same things. It's really good for keeping my mind active. So important if there are no challenges with work etc.

    If you haven't studied before or are on a low income then the fees could well be paid for you.

    It's all done at home usually online so no need to get out for a class. It's saved my sanity on occasion

    I am actually doing an Open Degree now, module by module. The present one is Health Science. Brilliant for understanding the science behind the topics that are so important to us all.

    And I knit and read. I try to limit TV as it can make me more lethargic and less interested in life.


  • Take amytriptalene as early as you can in the evening say 6-7pm then you won't feel tired in the morning surely your GP told you this - and as others have said take up some sort of crafting whilst lying in your bed. 😴

  • Hi Linda3636

    I have multiple health conditions and have a cocktail of medication. I only do what I can each day and never try to stretch myself too much. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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