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blah blah blah blah!

Does anyone find that if they especially are 'out' by themselves even for a while they start blabbing when they talk to someone, usually a shop assistant, or a fellow shopper, and get confused and come home swearing never to venture anywhere by yourself ever again?, what is it that makes you do that?. I told my doctor several times but he just smiles at me, I think its an amalgamation of my illnesess and their effect on my brain, could I be right or would it be something worse? All answers most welcomly received, Claire

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I think its just you being friendly and people respond. I reckon I've got a beacon on my head which flashes 'come and talk to me no matter who you are or how nutty you are'. In a room full of people why me!!!! I have always had people talk to me no matter how old they are, why????? I am not remarkable, not horrible ugly or fantastically attractive, not superslim or have legs up to my armpits and more often than not have no makeup on, so why????

So I think you respond to other people, if you are out on a bad day I find I quite often well up, I don't think you are alone in this and most of us go through this from time to time, its normal for us.


Lynn x


hi,i attract people..dont know why..especially children..they smile and wave,i just think i have that kind of face,,in a good way i hope! mother used to say i had a face like the town hall clock...once seen never forgotten lol xx


You're both very funny thanks for making me laugh you're both probably right, thank you gentle hugs xxx and best wishes


Hi there,I blabber all the time when Iam talking now and it can be very embarrassing.Think it's just part of fibro as it can affect any muscle in the body and the tongue can be affected as well.Plus,it's probably part of fibro fog which affects our ability to speak.Iam always either saying the wrong words or stopping my conversation as I can't think of what I want to say or I blabber words out in a mixed way or at its worst I can't speak at all due to severe fibrofog and the severe mental and physical fatigue x


I've always been a blah blah, blahdy-blah sort - it's embarrassing, and I do tend to get words mixed up!

You just need to tell people that your brain works faster than your mouth, and it's a sign of extreme intelligence! :P

Moffy x


Hi moffy. How right you are, and how wonderful there are so many intellectual and intelligent people like us all in one bag together . Lyndia x


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