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Got brown envelope yesterday. Was turned down for pip altogether. My dla will stop on 21st feb. I suffer fibro and 4 other ailments. On up to 20 tabs/day. Never scored a single point as the truth was not submitted to what i had told and shown assessor at my home visit. A complete an utter farce. They never even got a letter from my g.p. which esa and dla did. But no worries im not finished with them.

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Hi Itsme16 sorry to hear this I really don't know how they work this all out,its ridiculous,you need to ring up and get a copy of the report so you can have a good look what was written about you and put in a mandatory decision,please keep fighting you must get what you deserve.Good luck xxx


Dont worry miss13 im dealing with citizens advice already. Cheers


That's good Itsme16 glad to hear it x


Hi , itsme16,

I honestly don't know how these people work out how to decide whether or not you will get pip it seems like a lottery who gets what and a lot of people have to appeal,

I am sorry that you are going to have to go through the stress of appealing , don't these so called assessors understand that stress make a lot of people more pain and suffering.

Take care

Loraine x


There not worried about stress loraine121. There out to stop as many as they can getting it.


I do wonder sometimes if the DWP mix up the applications. It would certainly explain the differences between the reports.

I am glad you are not taking this lying down, good for you, fight on! :) :):)



Makes you wonder how they score sometimes. Good luck with your fight :)


I'm sorry to hear you've been declined. It's crazy.

Good luck with your fight. I am really pleased that you have some help from the CAB.

Take care my friend.

Lu xx


My next move is my local solicitor which i know is good at these cases. Hopefully it wont get that far with cab helping me.

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Oh hun glad your not giving up I'm waiting for mine to come through I had to make a reclaim not holding out much hope good luck hun xxxx


Hi, I have been through all this myself, dwp was only paying my stamp contribution and now they won't, they say because I can move an empty box and type with one finger, then I have to go back to work, I tried to get jsa, but they say I have to claim on my husbands contributions, when did we go back 30 odd years when it's all about the men, ,I am an individual, these new rules are total crap, keep fighting them I hope you win xx


I sympathise with you so much. This system they have put in place is disgusting.

I had to go to an assessment centre, which was miles away from us and meant my partner having to take the day off work (Plus the parking costs in a city centre, then the struggle to make up hours so we didn't get into the red financially.) Even though they were aware walking long distances was difficult, near impossible for me. Yet they forced me to go through the humiliation of shuffling at snails pace, for over 200 meters, in horrendous pain, with uncontrollable tears and members of the public staring..

They then left me waiting 2hr40mins past my appointment time, on an incredibly uncomfortable chair.

It crippled me for 4 days afterwards.

They awarded me the lower rate in the end.

Their report said I had full use of my hands, as I managed to scrawl a line when told to sign a form. (I have to drink from plastic cups.. I use foam tubing to use cutlery.. I lost over 4St because I was unable to prepare any food or open cans without assistance - of which they were fully aware.)

In my opinion, what they're doing, is discriminating against so called "invisible illnesses." (I have Fibro and Inflammatory Arthritis - so not exactly invisible, with the swelling and numerous discoloured joints!) They only care about the target they're set, of only allowing so many claims to be awarded, regardless of the individual circumstances and medical evidence.

I really hope CAB help you fight the decision. Don't stop fighting your corner.


There was a recent article produced by a Disability charity which revealed how often some assessors lied in their reports. However, the DWP, Capita and HM Government refuse to investigate further.

Apparently, 65% of initial decisions get overturned during the appeal processes. This, of course, does not take into account the poor souls who simply give up as they cannot face the fight.

If this was being done to women, people of colour, LGBT or others whose rights are protected by the same law as Disabled people then all Hell would be let loose and rightly so.

Maybe time for a class action against the DWP and named Ministers. That would get some attention.


Hi my friend

I am so truly sorry that they did this to you, and I feel devastated for you! I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your appeal, and fingers crossed for you.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Same here not one point this time even though I have letters from GP and hospital saying I would be a danger to myself and others if I went to work last time I went to tribunal scored 21 points feeling really low at the moment . They didn't even look through my paper work makes you wonder

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