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I was reading some info on the net about medical marijuana ( in liquid fiorm) and how it icould be beneficial to treat a multitude of illness incluuding fibromyalgia for people that have already tried all other approved medications without any relief Just curious if anyone has tried this and has it worked atm am on no medication for fibro as none of the approved medications have been of any help or i have had reactions to them which has stopped me from taking them i have also conective tissue disorder so am on plaquinel for that but this doesnt assist with the constant discomfort of fibro

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  • Hi Hopey as I understand, there are members that have CBD Oil which you can buy legally now In liquid or tablet form from health shops.

    It is not going to get you high because the THC has been extracted, it is used to help pain with MS & has now had the green light to be listed as a medication, which, as you say, GPS can now prescribe but how long that takes and who they will prescribe it to, is another question but I do strongly believe it does help chronic pain & brings relief to a lot of people.

    Peace, luv n light

    Jan x

  • Thankyou yes thats what i had read on the net was just interested to find out if it was true or not personally have never smoked and never will so not looking for a high just was feeling ground to see if it was available and if anyone had tried it and if it works didn't want to look like a fool if i asked the gp about it and the info i had read iwas a fabrication is all 😎

  • Just to add to that Janet. Certain cbd oils are made using hemp oil and some have the THC extracted. I have found the best oils are those grown from plants specifically bred without THC. Avoid those that mention hemp oil.It can be a case of you get what you pay for.


  • Hi

    I am sorry I cannot help you with this personally but I have read that some states in the US has allowed it for medical reasons, and it has been trialled here.

    If you have adverse reactions from pain medication, I would be extremely careful about taking this. Perhaps your GP can advise you better.


  • Hey Hopey

    I take both the cbd oil reduced my migraines greatly and I take the thc for restless leg syndrome and fibro pain at night because well I don't like being stoned in public. But the cbd is not psychoactive so it's a great option to start with as it might be all you need as some have reported. I emailed the health cure. Org and they sent me an email with all the info and how to order but that's in Holland. Otherwise there are great organic cbd brands in the hemp stores and the people in them are very knowledgeable and non Pushy and will tell you to start with the smallest dose:) good luck I hope you find it helps I rather take it than prescription meds as it doesn't cause me any side effects like the scripts do guess I'm hypersensitive to everything lol 😁

  • Hi I personally have not tried CBD oil as I Edited By Admin I found a website and they offered me free sample. If you would like to know just inbox me and Ill gladly help you.

    DAVE X

    Edit: they have a 4 week waiting list due to high demand.

  • I have been using a Medipen where you vape the oil. I only use it to take the edge off my pain when I have a flare as unfortunately if I have more than a couple of pulls on it in a short time I get a zonking headache. Many people seem to have found success. I will be honest and say if Cannabis was made legal I would certainly try it.

    Good luck with it hope it helps.x

  • Hi Hopey, I've used CBD oil in the past and found it really helpful. It was great having the pain relif without the tiredness associated with THC, which is one of the bonuses of the oil, no THC!

    I hope you find it helpful. I don't take it anymore as it's so expensive. I just hope in time it becomes more widely available and at a more affordable price.

    Let us know how you get on with it if you decide to go ahead and try it.

  • Hi Hopey

    I sometimes use a MediPen which is an CBD inhalator and I personally find this quite useful. The only drawback I have found is that if I have too much then I get a real bad headache. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thankyou everyone for all your answers and best wishes am grateful for the input am going to do a little more research with cost, benefits and side effects before making a decision to ask the gp or rhuematolist about it thankyou again and best wishes to all 😎

  • Good luck Hopey I truly hope that it all works out for you my friend :)

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