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It's been a while since I was on here, hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year! Well, I have been struggling along as most of you with pain, so decided to go to doctors again to see if I could get a medication review. So now I have been prescribed Morphine, alongside my amitriptylene, duloxetine, and paracetamol. Does anyone else take it and how does it effect them?

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  • Hi there

    What type of morphine have you been prescribed?

    Is it liquid or a tablet? Do you know the actual name for it?

    Is it Oramorph that you've been prescribed?

    Lu xx

  • No it's Zomorph slow release tablets

  • Ah right ok.

    What are you usually like with strong meds? Have you ever tried any others before?

    I am a bit surprised that you've jumped to Zomorph before trying things like Gabapentin and Pregabalin.

    All medications react differently in each and everyone of us.

    You may find that you feel a bit woosy when you start this.

    I didn't have any side effects from this but then none of the strong meds I am on have made me feel that way.

    Try to take it when you don't have to go or drive anywhere to see how it affects you.

    I hope that it helps you with your pain.

    Lu xx

  • I tried pregabilin and gabapentin but had reactions to both! I was on Tramadol but didn't seem to help with pain! I must say I am having good sleeps now.

  • Hi lilandles

    I had morphire in the past and I can honestly say it was the only pain relief that helped me. I had the tablets and liquid.

    I had tried betablockersey, all the triptylines, tramadol etc. They ran out of ideas in the end and gave me morphine.

    It was stopped by my consultant unfortunately because I have a brain problem and it was increasing my head pain. They gave me pregabalin and then gabapentine both of which have done nothing for me and have been stopped by my consultant because in his words 'I think we're poisoning you'

    Hope the morphine helps. All you can do is try it xx

  • Hi lilandles my morphine has been upped since coming off of other painkillers. I was shocked to be given morphine as I thought you had to be terminally ill or had something like amputation.

    I am getting used to it but don't take the full dose every day so that I can keep something in reserve for those very bad days.

    I would say though, don't drive until you are sure you are not affected as it can make your reactions slower. Also eat something, even if it only a dry biscuit as it can make you a bit queasy.

    Hope it works well for you.


  • Morphine is actually a safer medicine than tramadol, and it has better increases. It is used for chronic pain up to roughly 200mg a day, though can go a lot higher for end of life care. Some studies feel it is of limited use for fibromyalgia though.

    Personally I am not sure how it specifically affects me as I am on so many differing meds. I have fentanyl patches and have oramorph if I am really struggling, that can make me feel a bit woozy but it is more physiological as I feel like a drug addict with it

  • Hi lilandles , I don't take morphine but do take a strong pain med.aling with my other meds and have no trouble. May try them while your at home and have nothing that you have to do.I wish you the best.Peck 🐤

  • Hi lilandles

    It is wonderful to hear from you my friend, and I am so truly sorry to read that you are suffering and struggling. I have never tried Morphine myself but I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with this. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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