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Good morning all. Well I think my goblin jailers are well and truly hooked on morphine patches. They have loosened their grip on me a little. I have had a really good few days. (Touch wood) still pain but manageable. Still house bound as fatigue is a killer.

I am considering becoming a humanist celebrant. I have been wanting to do it for a while and well I sent for all the details. My sister and friend would like me to do there wedding. Just worried I might be overwhelmed with it. By some small miracle is anyone on here a celebrant.

I truly hope you all are ok...ish and not suffering too much. Have a good day and remain blessed xx

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So pleased you are getting some relief now and what a wonderful thing to do for your sister. I have no idea how you go about it but I hope you can succeed and make their day extra special. x


Thank you Trikki. You do a course to qualify and I got a response to email enquiry I sent. I now have to give some history about myself and then have interview. The next availability is June but it's very expensive at £2k!! I would need to be doing weddings to recoup that out lay. You can take their student loan and repay monthly. Wasn't expecting it to be so expensive. Remain blessed. Hugs xx

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Being a celebrant sounds very interesting, are you in the UK?

I think if your sister and friend want you to do their weddings, perhaps they may be able to contribute to the cost of the course?

I have been to a celebrant wedding in New Zealand and it was lovely as it was so informal. I should imagine there is good demand for one, although I suggest you find out from other celebrants about their workload before you sign up.



I was in uk for 30yrs until I came home to Ireland last September for extended holiday. Lol ended up in hospital in intensive care and still recovery and not allow to fly for at least another 6mths, if ever. My children and grandchildren are all in uk. X


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