Hi everyone

English is not my first lengua! Ian suffered from fibromyalgia for years and hipertension ! I took a lot of medicine like lyrica antidepress valsartan adalt oros beta blockers and feel so tired what can I do to make my life be comfortable ! Can someone give me some tips to enjoy my life thanks

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  • Hi Blin

    I am sorry you are struggling with fatigue and tiredness. It may be that your medication is causing this, perhaps you need to see your doctor who may be able to change it or reduce the dosage.

    Otherwise, it is a case of pacing yourself. Do something, then rest, do some more, then rest. Also ask for help if you are finding it difficult to complete tasks. You haven't said if you are working, if you are, would you be able to reduce your hours a little?

    I hope you find a good solution, fatigue is one of those things that affects most of us, and it does feel that life is passing by. You can only do what you can, don't push yourself too hard.

    I am sure you will get helpful replies from our fibro friends.


  • Hello Blin

    I personally think that one of the worst things about Fibromyalgia, other than the pain, is the intense fatigue. I also suffer from ME and the fatigue I feel is actually painful.

    As bluebell99 has said pacing yourself is the best thing you can do.

    If you have a good day, do not try to race around and do everything all at once otherwise you will just feel even more poorly the next day.

    Try to break up your day so that you can rest.

    I wish I could help you more, but what works for one person doesn't always work for another.

    Being kind to yourself is very important. Some people find that a bath with Epsom Salts helps.

    Have you had any recent blood tests? The majority of Fibro sufferers are low it Vitamin D and some are also low in B12 and Folate.

    Wishing you less pain and more peace

    Lu xx

  • Hi Blin

    What is your first language?

    As the others have said, fibromyalgia is not a one size fits all we are all different xx

  • My language is Spanish

  • Ola Blin

    Me llamo Linda y habla espanol un peu ( I usually get it wrong but I try).

    Como estas?

  • Gracias por responder mis mensajes yo soy de caracas Venezuela de 60 años profesor universitario retirado medico atiendo a pacientes selectivos sufro de tensión arterial y fibro trató lo posible para llevar una vida normal ! Si tengo dolor y no lo comentó con nadie ! Tengo mi psiquiatra y mi cardiólogo ! La situación en Venezuela se ha hecho isoprtable difícil conseguir medicina pero la vida sigue y eso me hace deprimir un poco pero ahí voy

  • Hola Blin

    Estoy tan genuinamente apesadumbrado de leer esto y quiero sinceramente le deseo toda la mejor suerte de mi amigo. Por favor, cuídate.

    Supongo que usted vive en Venezuela?

    Todas mis esperanzas y sueños para ti


  • Hi sadly it's so hard having fibromyalgia as we all have different pain levels and what works for some doesn't work for others.I meant tablets.tiredness is a symptom I have to lie down when tired and sleep if I can other times I can't sleep.it's learning to live with it and it's not easy,hope you feel better xxx

  • I can sleep for 4 tov5 horas my problem is tired and pain special en back upper I walk all the day 5 to 7 km and feel good from my back pain but how can I do with the tired

  • Hi Blin.....I see one of our knowledgeable Admin have mentioned vitamin D....I had my bloods taken and my Vit D count was low....Having been on a supplement now for a while there doesn't seem to be a lot of improvement but it does help with other conditions if you have a low vitamin D count so it is worth taking......I do hope you find some useful and helpful advise on here....xx

  • I will take it miss trikki and thanks for ur interest in mi ! Ian 60 doctor bit I have my psiquiátrico and cardiologist but they help but not suficient

  • The medication your on will make you exhausted.especiall lyrica. ive never heard of the other meds i.m afraid.take care.

  • I'm sorry you're suffering.

    I love the energy juicing giving, just doing it once a day helps me a lot. I know some people can't do it for various reasons, but if you can, I would try it. If you don't have money for a juicer, I have read that you can blend the veggies to a pulp and strain it.

    Spirulina tablets have helped me in the past.

    Sorry I don't have more. I do hope you find some relief soon.

  • Please could you put few juice recipes up.I was able to get one of the nutri juicers cheap and haven't used it,is think you could help alot of us.even a cheap hand blender would work.natural could maybe help people like me full of tablets that aren't now helping.iam interested . Ellie xxx

  • I will pull some info together and write a post, hopefully tonight. :)

  • Hi Blin , It sounds like you gave had some issues to deal with over the years but I'm sure there are those that have it alot worse than we do. ..right?? I sometimes have to remind myself of this.Be blessed.Peck 🐤

  • Thank u peck I appreciate ur comments

  • Hi

    Sorry to read about your Pains. For More energy you can Take Ganoderma Tablets or Cordyceps. These are food supliments made from medicinal Mushrooms. ( for more information on Ganoderma and Cordyceps just Google) I used them in the past and they are really good. you can as well try a more cheaper but effective therapy--- Warm water . (For More information Google Japanese warm water therapy ) Apple ceder Veniger is also very effective as far as fatique is concerned. It is infact a wharehouse .

    Presently i do just warm water therapy and Apple ceder Veniger , the Organic one and God has really been blessing.

    Hope you feel better and God bless You

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