Little bit blah

So I lost my auntie who I wasn't really close to on Sunday and since then my health has just gone blah! Woke up with a migraine Monday and it just hasn't shifted which had of course resulted in time off work on top of the many other stints off work and now I'm a little concerned I'm going to lose my job at a really sucky time which then adds to the migraine. Just a bit yak at the mo and hate to vent to family and stuff coz no one really gets it. I've thought of looking for another job to start the cycle again but I'm expecting to go into surgery anytime to check for another problem..endometriosis :( so I can't start another job and sort of just say oh FYI I may not be here all too long before I have a stint off...just a bit unsure of what to do I guess...feel a bit stuck between a rock and a hard place ...where is this lottery win I need so desperate eh! :p

Hope everyone is well and sorry I've been a bit quiet, had a lot to deal with and too many appointments to remember much else.

Peace and love


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  • Hi lovely 😊

    I am very sorry about your auntie.

    Is your endeo op being done keyhole? Thats how I had mine done. As an outpatient.

    If so you shouldn't need much time off work.

    So many of us are feeling blah right now including myself.

    Why don't you sit tight job wise and see what happens. Best not to make decisions at difficult times unless you really have to.

    Could you manage on Job Seekers if you had to claim that for a wee while?

    It's great to see you but sad circumstances.

    Keep your chin up hun. You have all of us here to look out for you.

    Be kind to yourself

    Gentle hugs. Lu xx

  • Thank you my love.

    Yeh it is keyhole , they've advised me 1 week and I can't be left alone for 48hours.

    Sorry to hear that hope you and everyone else feel better soon. Maybe it's the winter coming? Getting us all.

    I think your right, not the best time to make decisions, what happens happens at the mo I guess.

    My fiancé and mam would make me be able to cope if it came to that.

    It's lovely to hear from you all and thanks for the support.

    Take care


  • Hi my friend

    I am so genuinely sorry to read about the sad loss of your aunt. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thanks Ken


  • Hope your feeing better soon and sorry for your loss, I know where your coming from worrying about your job I still work at moment and its one of the things on my mind as I don't know how I would manage without my wage coming in it might be worth getting in touch with citizens advice about work law if you are having any problems as I think that that your company has a duty to looking after you at work and are not allowed to be negative towards your illness.

  • Thank you. Yeah it's pretty tough trying to not worry when you have stints off and stuff. I have support to make me survive without my wage but I don't know if I'd cope without the independence and stuff. Good idea, never thought to do that. I might have to take a look into it if things get too rough.



  • So sorry for your loss. Try and rest a while before you make any decisions. Take care x

  • Thank you. Yeh I think that's the best idea , my head isn't on straight at the moment and I know it

    Best wishes


  • You certainly seem to be going through a bad patch Kayleigh_91, I'm so sorry. Do take care of yourself and try to deal with the most pressing problems first. Putting the less important things on the back burner will take some of the stress away and give you time to heal.

    Gentle hugs. Anna xxx

  • Thanks Anna :) I think yous are right! Maybe look to re-asses after the funeral.

    At the moment my dad needs me too much for me to worry myself with everything at one too.

    Peace and lovwe


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