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hi ,im on disabilty living allowance(DLA higher rate mobility)and im the support group for over 2 years and got diagnized lately with blood clots and i also get help with mortgage interest(SMI).My husband is from algeria and he just got here since 7 months and now he is looking for work .my questions is will i loose my ESA and SMI when my husband starts working many thanks

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  • Hi love2016

    Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. It would depend on how much monies your husband was earning before you lost your ESA and SMI. There are minimum thresholds that the Government say you need to live on. I would ring your local JobCentre plus and make a few inquiries about the limits? As these benefits are means tested.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • hi thankyou for the advice i didnt lose my ESA and SMI i still get them my husband is looking for work now he never worked here he is here since 7 months just im affraid if he works i lose everything thx

  • Good luck my friend :)

  • thx

  • Ken has given good advice. On the GOV.UK site in the benefit section and also on the Turn2us site there are benefit calculators where you can just key in your particular circumstances and work out what you should get. Local CAB's are also good places to get a check. Good luck.x

  • thankyou xxx

  • Hello love2016,,,,you will need advice about your claims for these benefits,,,which you have made,,,,the esa is your benefit and is given for your conditions....The smi for your mortgage is different,,,,if your husband earns over a certain about and it is judged to be enough to support the mortgage,,then this could be effected,,if his name is on the mortgage,,,,your best best is the cab and they will help you all they can with advice and support,,,,take things steadily,,and take your time,,take care,,,ttfn from karen.

  • thx karen xxxx the mortgage is in my name i get about £125 a week and £388 SMI and a council tax deduction so i think ill lose about a £930 its really confusing my husband couldnt work since 3 months ,we are really woried if im gonna lose all the money which will make me in a hard situation .

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