i came for information

i joined here hoping for information, all i could find was random posts that didnt tell me anything. i was given links. the first link took me to the same random posts. the second one took me to a site where it was stuck on a shop and wouldn't let me do anything else. but why isnt the second link on the side with the other links? not that its helpful lol as cannot view anything except the shop with event news lol think I'll find somewhere else. its all too jumbled and confusing, as if life isnt confusing enough

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  • morning I am quite new. I found it confusing at first, and still do a bit. But finding I have to work at it. But must say if you persevere the rewards are good, and the people on here are lovely, and are really helpful with anything you want to ask, and actually feel that I am getting to know them. l have fibrmyalgia amongst other things. you only have to ask. Hope you stay and find the help you need xx Uggycat

  • If you have specific questions you want to ask go ahead and ask, everyone on here has Fibro and many other conditions. We support each other as best we can offering advice and a friendly ear, however as Fibro affects us all differently we don't always share the same experiences.

    Don't give up please xx

  • Hello carol-lint

    I am sorry to hear you were unable to find the information that you needed.

    Perhaps if you could let me know what you were needing help with, I could try to help you?

    The forum is not the easiest to navigate, but once you have got the hang of it everyone seems to manage just fine.

    If you could bet get back to me I will do my best to help you.

    Lu x


  • Hello....When I first joined it was a little confusing (I put it down to my brain fog!) but soon get the hang of it and it has done me so much good being able to get information and support and laughs!! Please keep trying and one of us may be able to sort things out for you..xxTrikki

  • Hi again

    I have looked at your profile and seen that you haven't actually posted a question yet.

    It may well be that you were given an old link to somewhere. I'm sure if you gave us a chance we could at least try to help you.

    Lu x

  • thank you to all who replied, but i dont thijk this is for me, its even more jumbled and confusing than a facebook group lol. i just want something with specific things to click on and read. im sure there must be something organised out there, thought a health site and charity would of been lol


  • try the mother site then. But you are missing out. No information board can give you information like the people on this site. The first time I posted a question i had over 30 replies and PMs all advising me. If you're looking for info that the dwp would post this is not the place for you - if you want real peoples' experiences then this is xx

  • There are lots of fybro sites out there which will probably give you more medical information but you won't find the support friendship and sympathy that you would find on here as we're all more or less in the same boat so know what we're all going through daily, I do hope you find what you are looking for, good luck

  • Have you tried the main FMA-UK site then, Carol? I guess that will be the kind of thing you're looking for:


    This is simply the support forum attached to that main site, so you'll find articles and things on there rather than here.

  • Ask, One of the admisnistrators or someone like me will give you the answer to your question. Good luck

  • I've offered twice. If I don't know what carol-lint is looking for I can't help them.

    Lu xx

  • Lol I find it confusing myself but I thought it was me, just being dumb. And I've thought a couple of times should I ask Ken or you if I'm doing things wrong 🤔 but am getting there (I think). Xx

  • What do you find confusing my friend? Is there anything I can help you with?

    I am here to help. Let me know via pm if you wish although your question may apply to someone else.

    Hugs. Lu xx

  • Maybe try asking a specific question, if anyone can help they will xx

  • thanx everyone, i was looking for info as my friend has fibro, i wouldnt know what to ask, i dont need support. and no im not a troll im not that ugly, but thanx for that. i just want info, i tried your other site and as i said it wouldn't move off the shop tab. so thanx again but i will look elsewhere


  • If you try clicking on this link it will take you to the FMA UK website:


    Scroll down and you will be able to click on more pages.

    I hope that you can find the information you want.

    Lu x

  • Hi Lu I know my way around as you know but it took me about 6 attempts clicking the right place for it to come up it kept going back to the top eg Information, I am on my tablet so I wonder whether this is why she has been having problems. It is as though it is oversensitive and of course on a tablet the lettering comes up very tiny and can be difficult to click the right place. I did get to the right place eventually but I could imagine a newbie getting frustrated. I have never had that problem when I have been using my laptop and have been using a mouse, just a thought.😁

  • Hi rosewine

    No she was saying all she got was a shop.

    I'm on my phone at the moment and the link is taking me to the right place.

    Lu xx

  • I'm sorry you find us useful

    Good luck in finding what you need

  • Ok what information do you wantIv had Fibro for nine years so fire away I will try to help

  • I am so genuinely sorry that we are not what you were looking for and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

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