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ok was handed this leaflet by my oc ,ive typed the address into my laptop and there isnt anything of help ,all it does is put me over to fibro action ,i think ,cant remember now lol ,but anyway it says they have meetings on said leaflet in various parts of norfolk ,but i cant find no info at all ,can any one tell me what im doing wrong ,dont know how to do links but the address is .....

the site is about as useful as a chocolate tea pot !!!

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hi were in northfolk do you live, i will find the main site for you , have to down load it ,but they have people in different place were you can meet up , be back soon , leave were you live sue xx


thank you im in norwich ,costessey xxxx


Fibromyalgia Association UK

Raising awareness of fibromyalgia

Hi i have put this link in , there are several plases , if you go on this site you might fined one close to you good luck sue xx


thanks xxx


I think this is what you were looking for for the Norfolk group:



thanks lindsey hugs from lyndsey lol :-D


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