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What do you say?

Hi all,. I was reading a post this morning about having stand alone illnesses. When you go to a different doc or on a hospital visit and they ask you if you have any symptoms do you reel of a list ? Or do you say fibromyalgia , etc etc ,. As a few times i have noticed that as soon as you mention Fibro they then carry on and one then even said to be 'oh well that means you have everything '. So I tried doing it the other way around putting others first but then again as soon as I mention Fibro they then kinda of look as if to say ' oh well , that explains it all then.' ( this does cover a few years by the way 😀) Do all docs think that once you have Fibro you 'have everything'?

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I think the problem is GPs and other medical professionals only deal with one problem at a time .

Their are lots of other illnesses that have multiple symptoms

So by the time they get through the list of symptoms dealing with one at a time .And nothing has improved they kind of give up as they don't know what else to suggest as they have tried all they are able too.



I know exactly what you mean our friend- for years I have been under the care of 2 rheumatologists- one who specialised in Ankylosing spondilitis and the other who has good knowledge of fibro/m.e/cfs both of these docs at different trusts. When I had apt, with A.S doc the number of students who attended my appt with great interest as it seems in the 1980,s 1990,s women didn,t get A.S it was a man illness!! Nowadays the number of ladies taking therapies with A.S just contradicts this theory. When I go to the other doc for fibro he insists on going over the days suffering from A.S and I get angry and remind him I am not here today for that! My physio at the A.S hospital greets me as "the only lady I have ever met with A.S" I tell him to spend time at the City hospital with the rheumatologist & physio,s there and update his learnings he is very out of date! The City doc and his physios have much more knowledge, they practice acupuncture, inject steroids, take hydrotherapy treatments!

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Hi Ladylucan

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I understand this completely but from a different perspective. I have severe COPD due to a fixed airway, and whenever I go to an hospital or doctors appointment the first thing they want to know about is my breathing. Many a time I have joked, 'but doctor I am here because my head fell off please help me?' But they have absolutely no time for a sense of humour?

All my hopes and dreams for you



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