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life changing

for over 12 years, iv suffered with back problem through falling of a ladder painting ,through the years it got worse , having trigger point injections , then went to nerve block injections, got diagnosed with herniated disc in neck and 2 degenerated discs bottom of my back ,got feet problems said it was planter fracititas , had therapy on them which worked for now andlast November I got shingles ,then this year things have gone from bad to worse ,started having pains all over ,my arms tingling ,hand numb every morning ,and when the circulation/blood came back in my arms the pain was a burning and escruciating , doctor said its fibromyalgia after loads of tests came back normal , doctor as put me on gabapentin 6 aday ,fluxotine ,vit b12, and I'm also on tramadol and paracetamol , things have now calmed down ,don't know for how long ,still in pain but bearable , just wandering if anyone knows a simpler more natural way of coping with this without all the meds

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if you find out let the rest of the fibro world know. :( sorry im not sure there is one. i had fibro for years and didnt know. but a car crash 22 years ago made mine worse. and like you it was the numbness and the excruciating pain when they come back to life. plus loads of other issues of course. but im now on pregabalin which is similar to gabapentin. oh the joys :(

hugs to you x


I go with woopcushen.....if you find out let us all know! Seriously now, you are on the meds I am mainly on except I take co-dydramol instead of paracetamol. So glad you find they help but I think many of us have tried natural alternatives over the years with no great success..

Hope your day is one of your better ones....


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Hi there

Welcome to the forum :)

It certainly sounds as though you have been through the mill, but it's good to hear that you have got to a manageable place.

I personally would not be able to operate without my set of meds. It can take a long time to find the right set as each individual is very different as to what works for them.

Perhaps it would be an idea to wait a while to see how you go? I completely understand why you would prefer to manage without medication and so would I. However, for me it is simply not an option.

I think we can get to a point where we feel that our medication is not working anymore. It's only when we stop taking it we realise just how effective it was.

You may like to have a look at our mother site for a wealth of information on Fibromyalgia

Wishing you less pain and more peace

Lu x



thank you x


I can understand why you want to cut down in the meds. Two more natural alternative treatments that spring to mind are using a TENS machine and acupuncture. Both have had a bit of a success with me. Hydrotherapy is really good if you can get it as doing exercises is lovely warm, deep water us much easier than on land less pressure on the joints. Good luck with finding something. I too have tried various supplements over the years with little success.x


Sorry to hear you have had so many things going on in your life over the past few years.I have really no choice but to take pain meds as I broke and shattered my ankle a few years back and it's literally pinned and plated together. I hope uou find something that works for you.Take care. Peck.🐤

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thank you , for listening to my rant , really must pull myself together ,wish you luck x

take care


Hi my friend,

I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I was wondering if you have ever tried a TENS Machine? I have pasted you an excerpt and a link about TENS below:

What is TENS?

A transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) machine works by creating a

tingling or buzzing sensation on your skin. This can help to block or suppress pain

messages to your brain.

TENS machines are small, lightweight, battery operated devices that fit into the palm

of your hand. They have rubber electrodes that attach to your skin, with leads

connected to the machine. The electrodes are either self-adhesive or attach to your

skin using water-based gel and adhesive tape. They are usually positioned either side

of the area of most intense pain. You will be able to control the strength (or

‘volume’) of the current that is passed through the electrodes, with a rotary knob or

dial. Some machines have larger controls that are easier to use if your hand

movements are limited.

Some TENS machines have two electrodes and some have four, used to treat a

larger area of pain. A low voltage current is passed through the electrodes and you

feel a buzzing or tingling sensation. This can be increased until the sensation is

slightly painful. You can then turn the current down until it is fairly strong but not


I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you



tried tens , went see chiropractor , done almost everything I think . think I need pull my self together , my son as mental health problems and he needs me there for him , need pull myself out of this doom and gloom its not me x thanks its nice to rant and know someones actually listening ,


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