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Morning all,

Has anyone ever used capsaicin? I have been using this cream on my left arm (worst pain) for about a month and it's the most effective drug/cream I have ever used!

It's actually for osteoarthritis and was given to a work colleague who passed it on to me (common occurrence sharing medicines now a days!) but I started to research it last night and found there have been small trials for fibro sufferers!

As I said, this is the only cream/drug that has helped me to continue to work full time, it was getting very close to me decreasing my hours and pay so I just wondered now if anyone else knew about this? My GP does know I'm on this as I did disclose on my last visit and plan to get some more next time I go.

Funny how something good pops up when you're about to give up!


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Hello Laura407

Yes, I have and I agree with you ! I am so glad you have found such relief from this.

As you may know it is made of Capsicum pepper and works by naturally reducing the amount of Substance P we have in our spinal cord fluid - that is 3 times higher than healthy people according to research by Dr Daniel Clauw.

Of course, as I have spoken about this before on here - some who are sensitive to medication may not get on with this and should definitely be patch tested 24 hours before as not all people get on. I know some have tried and told me that it is not for them !

More information on this below;

Hope this helps :)

All the best

Emma :)

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Hi Emma,

I love the name substance P - makes us sound like super heroes!

I'll have a look at that link later thank you!! :) xx

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That's really interesting actually, I haven't used it on my legs but I will pay attention when I do!!

Thanks for the heads up :) xx

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Are you in the UK? You can buy this over the counter in the US.I don't use it but have saw it advertised on TV.Glad it works for you! ! Peck.🐤

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Hi Laura407

Thank you so much for sharing this with us all and I sincerely hope that it can help some members reduce their pain levels. I am just like cheesedoffbigtime unfortunately as I have severe asthma and COPD so I have to be very careful what I use. I shall talk to my GP about this thought to ascertain if it could be suitable for me?

I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x :)


How funny, I have just booked an appointment with my GP to request this after reading about it for fibro & arthritis. (I have both) I am hoping for good results, so once I get some il let you know 😃

I currently use medi pen, which I have seen discussed on here before and I do find that a useful tool for reducing some medication, so I'm hoping the cream will add to the pain relief. God knows we could all use all the help we can get and I'm keen to try as much non drug options as possible.


Hi Laura, I have chronic hand pain and was so desperate to not live on pain killers, I too looked into Capsaicin. You can get it on prescription either 0.025% or 0.075%.

I use the 0.075% cream on my hands. Wow, what a difference two weeks makes. I must admit that I wear arthritic gloves as my hands swell and I also have dupuytren's (nodules and cords). That's another amazing thing, my nodules and cords are reducing in size!! I'm convinced it is a combination of the gloves and cream, as I have had dupuytren nodules for several years and over the past year they have been getting worse in both hands.

The cream can be used for Peripheral Neuropathy (nerve pain) and I'm now going to slowly come off Gabapentin and try out the cream on my legs too.

I think that the GP can prescribe this cream for Fibro as well as Peripheral Neuropathy issues.

The side effect of the cream is a burning sensation. I found that if you can't tolerate it at first, mix the cream with a bit of inert moisturiser and then slowly decrease the moisturiser until you can bear the burning.

Glad someone else sings it praises. How it is nowadays, still working?


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