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Approved for Medicinal Cannabis


Hi there.

Today I have been approved for the use of medicinal Cannabis. It's pretty much my last option, as I cannot use narcotics or anti inflammatory meds. By the time I returned from my long lasting appointment and screening I was simply wiped. Lately sleeping about 4 hours max each night. I was diagnosed with bursitis to both my hips and I also have now got tendinitis to my right arm.

I'm off work now thankfully. Literally feel like I'm falling apart. I've been to see 5 different doctors this month. 2 out of 5 of them cared.

One doctor told me to start yoga. Sorry but stretching hurts doc! But I guess it's all in my head, right? Anyway had to vent. Xx

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Definitely all in your head looking4me 😂😂😂 some Drs just love thinking their right. Ask them to walk a day in your shoes then see what they have to say. try yoga, I think not !! VENT away 😂😂😂

looking4me in reply to Robbie138

Yes indeed😄. I can usually read a doctor in the first 10sec of their demeanour. Some are quite rude with very little sympathy.

You don't say! Before becoming disabled myself, I had nearly 30 years of experience in working with doctors, as a Nurse in the NHS. Much of my experience was at a senior level, including being a Ward Sister in charge of a very busy Surgical Receiving Unit in my late 20s. My last post before being forced to retire on health grounds was as a Nurse Practitioner in General Practice. Over the years I have come into contact with a great many doctors, and although the majority are pleasant to their patients and want to help them, there is a significant minority who are dismissive and rude, to both the patients and their relatives.

These doctors think they are Lord God Almighty because they have a medical degree! Many of them are simply in the job for the salary, and they could not care less about the patients. Doctors work long hours when they are relatively junior, but they are well paid for doing so. Once they get to Consultant level, they tend to work only regular hours, leaving the hard graft to the more junior team members, both doctors and nurses. There are very many excellent consultants in the NHS, but there are also some appalling ones! My feelings on their behaviour towards the patients is crystal clear - be rude or dismissive to me or a member of my family and you will be the subject of a formal NHS complaint! If I still remain dissatisfied after that, then I have no misgivings whatsoever about reporting you to the General Medical Council! I have been this road before, and as a result, the Consultant was given a 5 year supervision order, as the GMC upheld my complaint. Earlier this year, I had several issues which were not properly addressed by my GP. I went through the Practice formal complaints procedure, but the Practice Manager was about as useless as a chocolate teapot! I changed my GP 6 months ago, and my new GP has been much more supportive. However, I still felt angry that my previous GP was getting away with treating patients in the way she treated me, so I made a complaint to the GMC on the grounds of negligence in her duty of care to me. She has been suspended from her post in the meantime, pending a full investigation into her clinical practice.

I am lucky in that I have a clinical background, and also sufficient medical knowledge to be able to challenge most doctors. Although I am retired, I am far from brain dead, and I still keep up to date on current medical practice. Those without my background should not despair, however. The NHS has a really good complaints procedure and in most Health Board areas there are teams of Patient Relations Officers, who will do their very best to ensure that any patient with a grievance about their healthcare is listened to and supported. My advice - do not tolerate rudeness or substandard healthcare. You have rights as a patient to good quality healthcare - use them!

Hi, just wanted to ask you about the complaints procedure against a GP. I was misdiagnosed as having arthritis in my hands, was prescribed Naproxen & sent on my way! No xray, nothing but as my pain continued & following an appointment with a locum it was suggested I had Fibro, 1yr later I was correctly diagnosed. She wasi dismissive towards me with another medical issue which turned out to be more serious than what she had intimated ! This woman is a Partner in this practise & it infuriates me that, as you said, she has adopted a holier than thou attitude. The final straw was when my daughter was suffering agonising back pain which has been going on for years (she was given co-codomol at 14! & I wasn't as clued up as I am now) i had to request a home visit as she was in too much pain to move, this GP came out, blamed it on her posture & left. I was not happy. Made another appointment & requested an xray which showed she has Scoliosis!! I did not put in a complaint for either issue as by that time myself & my daughter were so releived to have diagnosis that we wanted to get some of our life back. I'm still reeling though & I'm still with the same practise but it galls me that some patients may still be subjected to her dismissive, judgemental ways.

I suppose there is nothing I can do now & ive finally found a compassionate GP there so really don't want to upset the apple cart, which I think is why most people put up with their archaic patient care!

What advice can you give insofar as evidence and time are concerned?

Best wishes. K x

Depending on where you live in the UK, you can either contact Practitioner Services, who will point you in the right direction, or you can contact your local Health Board, who should also be able to advise you on how to proceed with a complaint against your GP.

I went through the route of approaching the Practice Manager first, but he was worse than useless, as he is employed by the GPs and has no say on clinical matters! My next step should have been to make formal complaint to the Health Board, but I chose not to do this. It would take a long time for any resolution to be reached, and I figured the most I was likely to get was an apology, which was in no way going to satisfy me!

So I made the decision to report my GP to the General Medical Council. Anyone can do this, but it is very difficult if you are not from a medical background. Of course, you can consult a lawyer to help you, but this could prove very expensive! As I was a Nurse in the NHS with almost 30 years experience, and I also have a 1st Class Honours degree in General Practice Nursing, I felt that I was appropriately qualified to take up the challenge! The result, at the present time, has been that my GP has been suspended from Practic, pending a full investigation into her clinical competence. I am hoping that she will be required to undergo a period of supervised practice, which will force her to update her clinical skills. She is of a similar age to myself, and no doubt she has her thoughts firmly focused on retirement! However, as far as I am concerned, that is no excuse for giving substandard care to patients! As a Senior Nurse, I sat on a Nursing Standards Committee, dedicated to the improvement of clinical practice in the nursing profession. I might be retired, but I am still a perfectionist at heart! Not easy when your body won't do what you mind tells it, but it is difficult for me to change the habits of a lifetime! My mother and grandmother were also nurses, and they were also perfectionists, so I must have inherited it! My daughter says I am a Control Freak and a Neat Freak, and that is true, but at least I can hold my head up and say that I do things to the best of my ability! Strangely enough, my son, who is nearly 22, is exactly like me. His room is always spotlessly clean and so is he! Hope this helps and I wish you all the best for the future. xx


Are you in the uk as Iv been told it's only availble here only for MS for M S pashents only

looking4me in reply to Hidden

I'm in Canada. I also have back, neck and hip chronic pain. I don't know what their criteria is here, honestly. I hope they broaden the eligibility in more places.

Leonwp in reply to Hidden

You are correct.

Just for a moment you gave me hope that i may be able to drop some of my opiates, but then i realised you must be in the USA. Unfortunately it looks like the UK which was almost thr last country in the world to get a national lottery will also be about the last to allow prescription of medical cannabis for RA, Fybro etc. Lots of people in the UK still think this requires a change in the law because they dont realise you CAN be prescribed cannabis in the UK but only if you have MS. Utterly ridiculous.

Leonwp in reply to Leonwp

Sorry i forgot Canada. That makes UK laws even more ridiculous.

looking4me in reply to Leonwp

I agree that is rediculous. You all need to be represented.

I will updated you all on how it helps me long term. I hope more people can talk about their experiences with it. I have high hopes for this 5000 year treatment.

Thank you, well just because mt gp, rheumy and even my dentist say i should have it i dont expect it to make any difference to our politicians who obviously know best. NOT!

annacruachan in reply to Leonwp

You can buy it legally, Leon. PM me for details.


See my answer to Leon, Mydexter. x

Yes I did, it's just I thought it was illegal in this Country 😟

Do you mean in the Uk if so WHERE PLEASE

See my answer to Leon please belsems

Hi looking4me , I hope this helps, I used to use it but now it just wears me down (haven't used it in years) but can take narcotics....I feel Cannabas woukd be better for anyone if it worked and narcotics do addictive.Good luck and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Peck🎅🎅

looking4me in reply to peck

Were you using a high THC? The other property CBD are great for inflammation without all the high. So I plan to use the higher CBD during daytime and higher THC levels at night.

peck in reply to looking4me

Hi looking4me , Yes, very high.Im not familiar with CDB oil except on the site.Im going to make it a point to study up it.My dr does do drug screening but I know people that smoke pot that go there and say he has no problem with it.I would much rather use that than be addicted to all the meds I'm on.My dr has told me I have alot of inflammation so it would be beneficial for me. I hope it helps you. Take care.Peck 🎅

Hi my friend,

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with this.

All my hopes and dreams for you


Where do you live xx I have been trying to find out about something similar after reading about it on YouTube. I hope it helps you.

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