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hi all, apart from the fibro and half a medical text book of related ailments, I have a leg ulcer, I did have three, they have appeared on skin where I had cellulitis, I have managed to heal two of them involving weekly visits to the diabetic nurse and myself dressing the remaining one inbetween, but it wont heal, two or three times it has show signs of going then comesback, its now the size of an shilling {there goes my age!} but seriously, it hurts like you would not believe, its just getting bigger and deeper, my nurse wants to try some stuffmade of seaweed, at the moment we use Inodine, Im really concerned whats going to happen to it, I really dont need the added pain, could I end up losing my leg over this? Okay, Im probably going over the top there but its a real fear, the cellulitis was bad enough that I was in hospital for ten days, and lost all the skin on my foot and huge blisters up my shin, this is where the ulcers are,..will they ever heal???. thanks for listening anyway. Lyzzie. x

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  • Hi my friend

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this but I really wouldn't worry about losing your leg as it says nothing about that on *NHS Choices. I have pasted you a couple of excerpts and a link so I genuinely hope that you find them useful:


    *When to seek medical advice:

    Contact your GP if you think you've developed a venous leg ulcer. They're unlikely to get better on their own, as they usually require specialist medical treatment.

    You should also contact your GP or leg ulcer specialist if you've been diagnosed with a venous leg ulcer and have symptoms that suggest it could be infected.


    It also talks about treatments and how to prevent a recurrence of the problem:


    *After the ulcer has healed:

    Once you've had a venous leg ulcer, another ulcer could develop within months or years.

    The most effective method of preventing this is to wear compression stockings at all times when you're out of bed. Your nurse will help you find a stocking that fits correctly and that you can manage yourself.

    Various accessories are available to help you put them on and take them off.


    NHS Choices - Venous leg ulcer - Treatment:



    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with getting this cleared up my friend and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • thanks ken, my leg swells up like a balloon during the day, another reason for being able to lay down so it will go down, I cant stand those stocking things, any thing tight make the pins inside my leg hurt two of them are quite near the surface, but thank you for looking. Your a big softee arnt you, trying to help and cure all of us on here!! Lyzzie x

  • I have gone into blush mode again! Please take care of yourself my friend x :)

  • Lizzie.

    I can identify with your problem.I am diabetic,amongst loads of other things and I have had leg ulcers.One cleared up quite quickly ,One has progressed very well going from the size if a 50 p piece in size and 1 cm deep to size of a penny and approx 2 cm deep.I have been having iodine dressings and silver dressings for months and it has started to heal I then had to go,to Cardiff hospital and for the last 6 wks have been doing potassium permanganate soaks. They are a real p.i.t,a but it seems to have worked,Mention these to your nurse and see what her opinion is and if they would be any benefit for you.

    Every day I have to soak.my legs in a bright purple soak - it's water with 3 of these purple tablets in there.Stings a bit and stains anything it comes in contact with but does seem to work.I Was having to go to hospital to Distrct nurses at first but the dept was suddenly short staffed so I am doing at home on my own.

    I can sympathise with how you are feeling I thought these would never clear up but touch wood things are happening.

    Hang in there Lizzie.

    I remember shillings too - that was when we had proper money--- lol!,You're not that old.

    Take care.



  • Im sixty, I know the decimal money is easier but I still add up in pounds shillings and pence just for the hell of it, I dont know how kids would cope with that these days, come to think of it, could calculators do that sort of maths?

    Ill see what ann marie says, I dont think shes going to be happy with it this week, I know it hurts a lot, and that pain is as you say a real p.i.t.a. Lyzzie x

  • Hi Lyzzie I didn't have leg ulcers but a good few years ago I had a cyst on the cleavage if my left breast - on hols in Greece it decided to swell up so it looked like I had three boobs ๐Ÿ˜‚ Went to see a doc over there and he tried to remove it ๐Ÿ˜ฌ Boy did it hurt no anaesthetic - I ended up walking out as couldn't stand pain any longer so treated it myself with betadine etc - anyway when I got home saw GP who arranged for me to see nurse every day to have it packed - they treated mine with seaweed too and although it was starting to heal - I ended up having to go into hospital to have the core removed - something I wouldn't wish on anyone so I feel your frustration especially with it being on your leg - I doubt you will lose your leg - think positive Hun - and it will heal - keep your chin up ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ. X

  • that sounds barbaric toolie, did have the leechs ready as well? you made me feel quite squeamish reading that, it must have been absolutely awful, must have made you whole chest hurt as well,...do you know what caused it or was it bad luck? I know we moan about our NHS but we so lucky to have them to moan about! The Ulcer is still hurting, I didnt sleep, apart from the fibro angle I couldnt get it comfortable, its only the back of my calf and where ever I Try to lay I seem to put pressure on it. I really just want it to go away!!! Nice to meet you anyway, Take care. Lyzzie x

  • Ive got your abscess stuck in my head now, thanks toolie, I shudder at the thought of it, your one brave lady! Lyzzie x

  • Hi Lyzzie sorry for late reply have been out with hubby - I already had the cyst but it was very small and had done for a couple of years - GP advised me to keep an eye on it and if it got bigger then something would have to be done about it - we flew to Greece had only been there a day when I noticed it red and sore and getting bigger ๐Ÿ˜ฑ - I think personally it was the flight that caused pressure because I'd had no probs up until then - I couldn't go swimming - had to stay in the shade as the sun was drawing it ( not literally ) - we'd hired a car to get us out and about - every bump in the road ( cos I'm not a little boob person unfortunately) hurt like hell๐Ÿ˜ฑ - looks like you've had some really good feed back from other folks re the seaweed - don't think I'd fancy the maggots though๐Ÿ˜ฌ

    Let me know how get on take care x

  • it still gives me the heeby jeebies to think about it, it must have been a nightmare, hopefully now they've taken the core away it wont come back again. You must have a high pain threshold! Lyzzie x

  • Morning Lyzzie - just back from walking my dog - it's gorgeous out there but I will be staying in now as I can't stand the heat - on holiday is fine cos you can swim in water to cool down.

    On pain meds for sondylodis so I think they helped - the op to remove the core was under gen anaesthetic thank goodness and they did say it can come back ๐Ÿ˜ฑ But upto now touch wood. Oh yeah talking if old money - I am 67 and hate this Monopoly money we have to use - plus metres and kg's - I still work in feet and inches - ounces and pounds

    Anyway enough of me - how are you doing and is your leg getting any better - it's in such an awkward place - feel for you Hun. Keep in touch and take care X.

  • still keeps jabbing me, but actually slept last night so the swelling in my leg has gone down so it feeling better, see the nurse on friday as per usual it always jumps about then as she cleans it with some stuff, shes behind me!! shes very good I wont see anyone else, you get to know them and trust them dont you. Sounds lovely to be walking the dog, My dog buggles is sitting in the suntrying to keep his eyes open. He is a lazy tyke, I was outside getting the washing in, takes me ages with little rest stops inbetween, but did he come out in the garden, no he did not, he made sure I couldnt escape without him knowing then came back indoors in the shade, no wonder they say its a dogs life. Hes a Parson Russell Jack Russell, and hes ten, but acts like hes a 100 until his dog walker appears, then we have a two year old. Thanks for your interest, I still think that cyst beats mine, they are nasty little things when they get going arnt they, hopefully they got everything, Im sure you dont want to go through that again! I still cant believe what they did in Greece, Thank heavens for the NHS! Lyzzie x

  • Glad to hear you got some sleep last night - that may help the healing process. Sounds like you've got a nurse there.

    Our dog Bob is a rescue dog - vet says he's half Jack Russell and Collie - got him when he was 12 months old he's now eleven but unlike your Buggles he still thinks he's a two year old - he loves the sun and will lie for hours in the garden then come in looking for an ice pop - he hates the wood pigeons we get here along with the squirrels - when we are walking some dogs he ignores others he has to bark at them - they are weird little characters aren't they. I walk him just to keep the oil turning in my body - my body doesn't like it mind causes pain but I won't give in to it.

    Well I can feel my tum grumbling so must be food time. Keep me in touch as to how your leg is. Take care x

  • dont know whether I said or not but buggles (bugsy really) is a rescue as well, Ive had him five years. He wont live another day if he doesnt stop barking at our neighbour who is fixing his gate out the back!! I wish he would play, Ive never had a dog that didnt know how to play, Love him to bits really. Im going out tomorrow for lunch with two friends which means he have to be alone for a couple of hours or so, he has water, biscuits, blankets, whatever, but he gets his own back for being left by knocking everything off of the windowsill and my side table, which is always full of books, writing stuff, crossword books, you get the picture, he does it out of spite, little toad. one of my friends always says that dogs domesticated us, not the other way around!!. I'll tell you how I got on on Friday, I dressed it last night as it seemed to have been bleeding, it seems to look smaller!,..they are so unpredictable. Speak soon Lyzzie x

  • What a little tyke - we've never had a prob with Bob - do you leave a radio or tv on for him - we do when we go out shopping or somewhere he can't come with us. Yeah Bob wasn't one for fussing or cuddles but now he loves the kisses, cuddles and stroking - makes you think what environment they had before either running away or dumped doesn't it. Hope it's not errupted again - look forward to your message on Friday which, I hope will be good news for you. Bye for now x

  • buggles was actually with his brother, but they didnt like him and kept him in a utility room for five years, not allowed with family, they got rid of him saying her was nasty, he isnt, hes a complete dope. Hes not a lap dog, but likes you to be available for a five minute sit and cuddle, one weird habit he does have is chewing my nails. I used to have long nails, but he gradually chomped them all off, as soon as they grows hes back again, and hes quite determined, holding your hand in place, it doesnt bother me and seems to comfort him, he will actually suck my thumb!! reverting to puppy mayhap? you cant pick him up as he has had broken ribs and we dont know whether it really does hurt him or he thinks it will, hes sulking at the moment because I had the audacity to shout at him, if only you could see his face!!.

    Lyzzie x

  • Hi Lyzzie

    Any news regarding your leg ulcer?

  • you must be psyhic (I can never spell that word!!) Ive been to the nurse this morning, shes change the inodine to a seaweed dressing, the difference in pain was immediate, its possible that Id become over sensitive to the inodine, its been two years nearly, the ulcer is bigger and a bit deeper but its Clean, why does it keep going if its clean? I am so grateful that the pain from it has lessened, its like the fibro, unless you've had an ulcer you have no idea how painful the little devils are. I just wish it would go away Im always worried the other two healed ones are going to break down again. My arm muscles are very bad at the moment too, and my face is swollen from the Sjogrens, sorry Im moaning arnt I, It rained all morning here so at least I dont have to water the garden. Hopefully the seaweed will help. My nurse offered to bring me some of her husbands fishing maggots if it doesnt, we could try those, very funny. Thanks for asking, take care of yourself.

    Lyzzie x

  • Hi Lyzzie oh sorry for the ulcer getting bigger let's hope the seaweed works - I think because it's clean then it wants to find somewhere else to attack - don't like the thought of using fishing maggots - as far as I am aware the maggots used are from a sterile environment if I were you I'd check it out as I may be wrong.

    Yes we've had the rain all day here too got soaked walking Bob - the sun came out about an hour ago. According to weather reports we are set for more rain over the weekend and into early next week

    I've been stiff in my upper arms today also - my feet were aching this morning walking Bob what are we like moaning and groaning but it helps as somebody else knows what you are going through - we don't moan for moaning sake do we.

    I think though that you have it worse than me at present - plus if you don't mind me asking what is Sjorgens? I've not heard of it before.

    You take care and will be in touch soon. X๐Ÿ˜„

  • easiest description is its another auto immune illness that hits the glands mainly it over reacts for instance I waas diagnosed with it after my doctor thought I had mumps, but it was the sjogrens "You say showgrins Ive had a touch of hay fever, they are harvesting all round me and the glands in my neck are all swollen, i was told it is related to lupus, there are quite few others on here with it and Im sure they can give you a better answer than me.My nurse was joking, she did say the proper maggots are specially bred and as you say are cleanish. I have to say the ulcer does feel easier at the moment, I hope it stays that way!I hurt my arms yesterday, but the pain in them is weird, its so intense but its sort of "hums" if that makes any sense. Im going to talk to my doctor about changing my pain killers, I have trammadol, its not effecting the pain in my arms at all. I discuss it with him any way, I dont care if its addictive I just want a bit of peace! You know what I mean. Ive been messing about with the family history, Buggles is looking a me with his tounge hanging out, I havnt fed him!! wicked me, this is his evening treat Im talking about, dont imagine hes starved!

    Any one out there got any suggestions as to what painkillers will work on the Fibro pain as well as everything else? I see the doc on 6.9.16 opinions welcome!!

    Lyzzie x

  • Hi Lyzzie glad your leg is feeling better - and that the nurse was only joking about the maggots - that's interesting about the Sjorgens as I said I'd not heard of it before.

    Went to my weekly weigh in today and lost another 2lb which brings me up to one and a half stone yeah ๐Ÿ˜„

    I've just blasted someone on the forum - saying they had mild pins and needles in their wrist and it was sore - they tried googling it but couldn't find answer - they had put they can't get an appt at GPs and blamed the elderly, young ones, people on the dole etc as they are home all day they can get appts easily is what they were saying - Lyzzie I just saw red so I just had to say something - then another person said to go to AandE so I told them off too - my hubby works on the ambos and take those people who are seriously ill to hospital - and he says that the waiting rooms are clogged with folks who don't need to be there as they can self medicate or can wait for an appt with GP and these people are the first to moan about waiting times - it makes me really angry.

    Anyway Lyzzie will keep in touch and hope your ulcer continues to heal and you finally get rid of it. Have a lovely day. X

  • Sorry Lyzzie meant to say I also take tramadol - supposed to be four times a day if needed - but they make me giddy and bung me up so I only take one morning and one night seems to keep the arthritis under control - as I said yesterday my arms are sore I increased my amytriptalene to 30mgs last night (the doc said I could) and they weren't as sore today but felt more dozy on getting up this morning. X

  • my brother was an ambulance driver long before they were called paramedics, and he would still agree with you absolutely. When I left school (19) I went to work for a year in Accident Xray as I was thinking about training to be a Radiographer, I was only a tech, we developed the films kept the place tidy, you know the idea, but sometimes we helped out on the reception, I distinctly remember a woman of about 20 coming in because she had scratched herself on a bramble bush, as you know, she couldnt be turned away but she certainly got short shrift from the nurses. I never know how to describe sjogrins, as it does allsorts of things and can lead to lymphatic cancer, cause weird and wonderful rashes, you name it sort of thing. But as long as I am able to do what I want within reason, Im okay. I wish the pain in my arm would shut up though, these things do wear you out, dont they. Dogs snoozing, he's been for a walk but Beryl (his walker) said he had one eye on the sky as they were dodging the showers, though its been more of a deluge around here! Were having tea soon, but beryl says he@s got to cut down as he's getting chubby again (my fault as usual) keep well. Speak soon.

    Lyzzie x

  • My hubby isn't a paramedic - he works for Welsh ambulance and he is on UCS ( urgent care service) when they get what they call 'red' calls they he goes in with a partner and they assess the situation if a paramedic is needed then they call for back up - they can only give entanox as pain relief - if there's a broken limb they can't strap it - quite frustrating for him as they are trained to do this - plus the poor patient has to wait for a para to turn up - if they are extremely busy this can be hours - last night they picked up a patient at 6pm and they were stuck outside the hospital in the Ambo until his finish time at 2am - they were relieved by other crews to get their breaks but that's all they did - today is different as they are the only Ambo available in Wrexham for calls and they have been busy so far - paras will be on call and if a patient needs transporting to hospital then they will get the call.

    Long story short we were both civil servants - I am older than him by 16 years - I took early retirement - ended up with horrible neighbours - hubby took voluntary redundancy - we moved three years ago once we sold the house and housing market had picked up - although he had qualifications as a systems analyst he couldn't get a job for love nor money - volunteered as a first responder for Ambo service and finally got a job with them onPCS ( patient care service) this was picking up patients for hospital appointments then delivering them back home once done - he applied for the position he does now - he loves it even though the pay doesn't compare with that if a civil servant - he's sorry he didn't do it earlier when he was younger as he would have gone for para training - but he can progress up to a technician which he hopes to do once he gains more experience

    I have gone on quite a bit haven't I - sorry if I've bored you. X

  • not at all, I enjoy hearing about other people, I didnt continue with the radiography, we had a young lad who had got a lift with friends to school because he had broken his arm, on the way they were hit by a load of planks that came off the back of a truck infront of them, he had fractured his skull from front to back, it was the brain tissue in the Xray cassette that finished me, but I wouldnt have missed the experience, you were only allowed to stay for a year, the position was never advertised, most of us who did the job had parents in the system as it were, my mum was a nurse for geriatics, my partner in crimes mother was a sister in theatre, we did all the dirty job including making the Tea!. but the radiographers we worked with took the time to show us stuff and explain things, just wasnt me, I became a financial controller instead!.

    sleepwell Lyzzie x

  • Yeah I understand where you are coming from - I began training as a nurse at 18 - my dad said I wouldn't be strong enough ( not physically ) and he was right I couldn't understand how somebody could be talking to you and then the next fighting for their life - I gave it up - did various jobs - all the time I knew I wanted to do nursing - went to work in a place called Jospice which had been opened by a priest who had been in India and looked after the dying on the streets - when he came home he decided to open a hospice (they weren't really heard of then) he relied on people's donations to run it - I loved it there (I had grown up) - I wanted to work nights as in my previous marriage we had an adopted daughter - and was finding it awkward during school holidays etc but I couldn't get them - I left Jospice and began working in nursing homes doing 2 12 hour nights of a weekend and it was in one of these that I injured my neck and ended up with cervical spondylosis - the consultant I saw said I would have to give up nursing as I couldn't be lifting patients ( no hoists in those days and no HSE manual handling rules) so that is why I ended up in the civil service and went on to meet my hubby. It's weird what life has in store for you isn't it.

    Just catching up on tv with the Dog rescuers - I shouldn't really watch it - I've been in floods of tears at how some animals are treated. Goodnight take care. X

  • i cant bear to watch those either, I donate to the dogs trust once a month, Bugs is registered with them in case anything happens to me, they would look after him. My mum went back into nursing when I was 15 and could be left at night, she did four nights a week things as you say, were very different inthose days, I dont know of any of her mates that retired because of age, always long term injury. Mum wrecked her knee when she lifted a patient and her partner didnt. She loved it though. Bugs had been ill treated, he still occasionally has like an anxiety attacks. Good night to you to. Lyzzie x

  • Hi Lyzzie how are you and Bugs doing? Is the ulcer any better?

    Thought I would leave you a few days to see if any progress made with leg ulcer.

    Quite warm and humid here - got caught in a shower walking Bob earlier - had a light jumper on boy was I hot๐Ÿ˜ฐ Take care xx

  • Bugs is having a huge sulk, I think he thinks someone has made it hot on purpose, he hates it. Spends his time sitting in front of the fan and has to be shoved outside to visit the loo. The seaweed dressing is much better, the pain in the ulcer is much better, maybe it was the inodine that my skin had had enough of, afterall, it had had that stuck to it for nearly two years, but I'll dress it myself tomorrow, anne maries in Ireland visiting her parents, She taught me to do it properly, but I'll be able to see how its doing with the different dressing. I dont know where you are, Im in Bedfordshire, its really hot and humid even though its spitting with rain. The garden really could do with a good steady downpour, much better than watering it. I bet your were hot, you'd never have gotten buggs out in the rain, he's such a Diva. Lyzzie x

  • Hi Lyzzie oh I am pleased things are looking up for you - I agree that using the inodene for 2 years your system has gotten used to it and therefore no longer works.

    Bob worships the sun he comes in panting I keep ice pops in freezer for him - he only gets one mind - he will walk anywhere in the rain but when it comes to him going into the garden the claws set in and like Bugsy he has to be shoved out or tell him Masie and Minnie the two girlie dogs next door are out it works sometimes ๐Ÿ˜‚

    We are in Cheshire close to Chester it's about 10 mins away in the car. It's gone really dark here so I think we are in for a downpour - I have the BBC weather app on my phone and we've already had warnings for very heavy rain on Sunday afternoon which could cause flooding. ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

    Just gone to order the amytriptalene the doc gave me a couple of weeks ago but it's not on repeat so will have to call them tomorrow as I run out on Tuesday - I feel that they have really helped me especially walking Bob - as I had a lot of pain in my back and tops of my legs - I am really terrified of losing the indepence of walking as I don't drive - and while hubby is at work I rely on the buses to get me to and from places - I don't want to go backwards with the pain - they do make me a bit gozzy in the mornings but I soon get it together. Anyway once again really pleased your leg appears to getting there. Take care xx

  • Thank you. I would be lost with out Bugsy, he keeps me on an even keel. Hes no guard dog though, he would allow anyone in the door, wag his tail and offer them a biscuit, but I love him. I used to walk a lot, I cant now, I dont remember if I have said before but Buggles has his own dog walker, but he definately knows who buys his favorite Roast beef he gets for a treat! I'll have to stop typing for a bit, my elbow is hurting again. The ulcer certainly isnt hurting so much, I hope that doesnt mean that its gone through the nerve layer. you cant win can you!

    Lyzzie x woof to bob from buggles, [yeah, we dog owners are all daft]

  • Hi Lyzzie

    How is your leg ulcer doing and how is Bugsy.

    We are celebrating our silver wedding today just had a lovely meal in Denbigh N Wales - 25 years ago it was very hot think it was an Indian summer - honeymoon in Blackpool and weather was gorgeous - we are off to Sherwood Forest early next week - checked forecast it's looking ok but not as hot as then - I don't mind - will be a change for us - Bob is coming too so it will be a change for him too - keep well xxx

  • I have never been to Blackpool, nor Sherwood forest actually, whats it like? You dont want it too hot its easier for sightseeing if its not too hot. If you been reading my escapade with the frog lately you'll know that my dog is a massive coward. But I love him. Hes had his walk, cooked him some best beef mince for his tea, I think he's okay, dont you? As for the ulcer, I dont know whether I should be concerned or not, the seaweed stuff doesnt hurt like the inodine was starting to but the wound is a lot wetter. I see Ann Marie on Tuesday, so we'll see. I just wish the wretched thing would go away. Enjoy your Anniversary, kick your heels up for a while and have some fun, have a special "Wedding night" its time to celebrate!!

    Best to you all. Lyzzie.

  • Hi Lyzzie thanks for your wishes - Blackpool isn't on everyone's wish list I don't think - but we loved it - fairground rides - the sea side - Blackpool Tower - trams and illuminations - rock you can actually see it being made.

    Don't know anything about Sherwood Forest only that the legend Robin Hood supposedly lived there - we have looked up places to go and visit all with Bob in mind and looking at the long range weather forecast it is looking good so far - I agree with you I can't stand the heat - when the hot weather is here I make sure I walk Bob as early as poss to avoid it.

    Yes I read about the frog incident and I laughed and laughed - we get them in our garden Bob isn't frightened of them he looks for them in the flower beds but they are cute enough to get out of his way - thank goodness

    Oh I do hope Ann Marie has some good news for you on Tuesday - I will check in to see how you are. Bugsy doesn't sound starved at all ๐Ÿ˜„ Anyway Lyzzie must close at tea is ready - you have a good weekend and take care xxx

  • We used to go to Great Yarmouth a lot when we were kids, especially on day trips, its about 2 hours or so away from us, its our version of blackpool, much smaller of course. The main road down to the front was all those tacky gift shops and I still love poking through them!!. Its a lovely day today, but definately a feel of autumn on the way, beautiful time of the year, but the years go by faster and faster. Its my birthday in december and I'll be 61, I havnt got over the shock of being 60 yet and theres another year racing at me!!. Have a really good time.

    Make sure you tell me about Robin Hood and does he really look like Russell Crowe? Have you ever seen his version of robin hood? his attempt at a yorkshire accent is hilarious, so is the guy trying to be welsh and sounding irish!, good film though. Lyzzie x

  • Hi Lyzzie how is your leg ulcer? And how's pooch?

    We had a great time in Sherwood Forest they have a part for dogs and other cabins without dogs are in another part. The weather was really good too - not too hot just the way we like it - had a hot tub outside never used one before but how refreshing it was after walking Bob for quite a while - it was uphill in some parts and mainly rough paths so wouldn't suit anyone who needs a wheelchair or severely disabled but it is a beautiful part of the world - we didn't get to see Robin Hood think he was hiding from me ooh love a man in tights especially green ones ๐Ÿ˜‚ Only joking. Bob was brilliantly behaved first time we have taken him away - he loved it - when we were back inside the cabin he would go onto the balcony and watch everyone passing on their walks - he can't do that here as garden is at back and windows in front are too high - we knew he would be fine in the car as he's used to that. Lost another 3lb today at weigh in yeah only need another 1lb and I will have lost 2stone - but I still have a long way to go yet. Well Hun will let you go hope I haven't bored you - take care. X

  • Toolie Hi, glad you enjoyed your time in Sherwood, Buggles would love that but he is a terrible yapper, and he knows darn well Im not going to tell him off for it, but completely ignores me telling him to stoppit!. The only person he takes note of is Angela!!.

    The ulcer is quite painful, but, it appears to be healing, I was a bit worried at first because it seemed to be bleeding a lot, still does actually, but it has got much shallower, My nurse says it is almost level with the proper skin now, so the seaweed stuff seems to be working, but it is twice the circumference but hasnt got any bigger. So fingers crossed. Why do we have to put up with some much pain and problems? Sorry, that was a little smidge of self pity!!. You dont bore me, people are always interesting.

    Bugsys version of a verandah is to sit on the window sill so he can see everyone coming and going, Ive given up putting ornaments on it, he pushs them on the floor out of the way. The kids wave to him, and he loves it. Total Diva. Lyzzie x

  • Pre fibro I was a leg ulcer nurse The sea weed dressing is an excellent choice. Inadine is often used for shallow wounds where infection might be present and should only be used for a short time. Go with your nurse she knows what she is doing. The best thing you can do for yourself is try and improve the circulatilon to your leg. Ask your nurse for so me exercises. Hope all goes well for youxx

  • thanks, I think the sea weed is a good idea too, I remember my mum having it on her leg, but that was a wound, not an ulcer, until my nurse mentioned it I didnt think they used it any more, I hope it does help, enoughs enough! I do have a heart problem that doesnt help with circulation, Im going to get some lunch and lay on the bed for a while, at least that gets my leg up and a chance to rest, and lose some of the swelling, we are such a bunch arnt we, I wonder how many health problems we could list between all of us! Lyzzie x

  • hi spikeydragon, can I pick your brains? Why do ulcers hurt more in the evening? Ann Marie has used the sea weed dressing as she said it hass become deeper and bit bigger. Why does it almost heal then break down again? Two of them have healed, but this one is certainly stubborn to say the least, the good skin around it gets a bit sore I think its tired of having stuff stuck to it. Will it ever heal? I have tried to do as you suggested and have done, for me, quite a bit of walking, funnily enough eventually it stops hurting when Im been lieing down for a while. Sorry to quiz you, I bet you had enough of this when you were working. Hope you are well. Lyzzie x

  • Judging by what you have discribed it sounds like you have a build up of fluid in your legs by tbe end of the day. This fluid (odema) stretches the skin and reduces the amount of blood that can get to the wound/ulcer this causes pain increases healing time.

    What you need to do is rest with your legs up each time you sit down. If you have'nt had one ask your nurse for a Doppler test. This will indicate if compression will help. Go on to the Activa website for more details.

    Dont worry about asking im pleased to be able to help.

    Best wishes x

  • Ive just destroyed my original answer again, thats the second time tonight, dont know what on earth Im doing! Thankyou for taking the time to reply, Im one of those people that needs to know all the details, whether I like them or not. Anne marie is very good but they do only have a limited time for each patient dont they, and she was running late on friday, but thats just the way it goes isnt it. The ulcer isnt quite as painful, I changed the dressing last night, it was coming through the dressing, it had been bleeding but was clean, for the first time it made my stomach flip, Yuck. How could you do this as a job?! Thanks for letting me pick your brains, I'll be back. How long were you nursing? They still had matrons when mum was, things must have changed an awful lot since then, they'd gone to nursing officers when she retired, she said she was losing patience with her patients and it was time to go, that and the paper work. What do you think of all the changes? she also used to say she had wanted a vocation, not just a job. Do you have that wicked sense of humour that seems to be an inbred part of nurses! She did permanent night duty with geriatrics. She nursed at Northwing hospital, Bedford, much of it has gone and been replaced now, but the part they worked in had been the old Bedford Workhouse and she and her mates on nights swore it was haunted. Who knows? I'm rambling again, Lyzzie x

  • Ive been a nurse for 34 years like your mum ive seen lots of changes ,lots of the jobs that used to be done by junior doctors are now done by nurses leaving less time for the nurse to care for her patients. I left medical nursing 16years ago to work on the community, it is much more like real nursing more time to care,though the work load is increasing all the time and the amount of paperwork is crazy. I have t been able to work since january because my fb got worse. I mis it I bet your mumdoes too. Val (spikeydragon)

  • Should have said, we lost mum 16 years ago, my brother and I always said the heavy lifting and so on broke her health, they didnt worry so much about health & safety in those days did they.I dont remember any of her shift mates that retired due to age, Im still in contact with a few of them as she was only 68 when she died but she loved her job, its such a different place to work isnt it. She was always in trouble for not wanting to wear her Cap, they dont do that now do they?

    Lyzzie x

  • I once nursed a colleague doctor in a hospital I worked at, he had similar problem, I was astonished when the consultant advised him to treat it with maggots! yes these little creatures eat away at the dead skin and leave healthy tissue to heal, its all covered up and the maggots die off when they have fed.. That sounds bizzare but the end result was magnificent.. Ask your district nurse of she can do this-if you fancy this method that is...

  • my brother has just been in for a cuppa, he was talking about an old lady he had gone to when he was a paramedic, he said her ulcer had been left untreated and open to the elements as it were and a total mess before her family finally rang 999, he said they had to put her foot in a plastic bag because maggots were falling out of the wound and they didnt want them in the ambulance, oh yuck, but he said the wound was lovely once they cleaned it, best thing that could have happened for her. Its just the idea, can you actually feel them moving when they are in there at what he called an "All you can eat buffet" brothers are horrible arnt they, and they never stop being BIG brothers!! Im going to ask about it just to see what she says!! the nurse I mean. Thanks to everyone that has answered me, its helpful to know that there are plenty of others in the same position, Lyzzie x

  • This is expensive and has to be lrescribed by a consultant lra vascjlar nurzse they are reserved for when the cheaper options have failed. If the wou d is cleanthis would not be an option anyway.

  • thank heavens for that, I would run screaming in the opposite direction, or I would if I could, I just dont understand why it almost heals then breaks down again, Ann marie uses Mepore dressing as I allergic to hospital tape, that plasticy stuff, I come up in great big welts where ever it touches me. We tried loose dressing with the mepore tape, but that stuff is a pain, it only has to get within sniffing distance of the other end of itself and it glues itself together, you have to throw it away and start again, these dressings have the dressing in the middle and sticky around them, much simpler to use, especially for me. Nature is facinating really isnt it, we all go EEK at the thought of maggots but they have their little purpose in life, will this ulcer ever clear up though? its been nearly two years now, the other two healed, so why doesnt this one? Ann Marie is great, shes my diabetic nurse, takes bloods and allsorts, we have a good relationship. My mum was a nurse too, but she nursed psycho geriatrics, no wonder she had a weird sense of humour! {you all do} Lyzzie x

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