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I have recently stating walking trying to lose some weight last few days I cuddent walk as the backs of my legs felt as if all the tendons and muscles where stretched felt better this morning got out for short walk. I've just tried to get up to get glass of water and something has went in my back. Does anyone else get pain for days like I've sprained or tore ligaments without doing anything to make it go like that?

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  • Unfortunately, I do. Sad isn't it. You've got to laugh or you'll cry! 👍😊

  • Don't forget to stretch. Just because we aren't athletes doesn't mean we should forget about them. My hamstrings pull on my but muscles and lower back muscles. My but muscles make my hips hurt really badly. Usually if I have hip pain is from my minimus (or whatever small muscle is on the top of the butt). Anyways. I would try some muscle stretching and strengthening exercises (like if you search exercises that help injuries) (or search tight hamstrings abs see if there are tips on different things to try ) . It won't make all the pain go away but I think it would help with what it sounds like is bothering you. Good luck.

  • Hi Christinem52

    Twice a year I go to cCornwall for a 4 day break. One of the walks we always do starts with a steady incline, then a 160ft slippery gravelly path down to valley bottom, cross stream (dogs watered), then 200ft climb back up the other side to go to Cape Cornwall..

    Years ago when we first did this, had no problem keeping up with Wiflet, but now, so slow she goes on ahead, then waits for me by local land mark. I do my best, but cramps in calves, hip pain, thigh muscle pain, you name it pain, but I still won't give up.

    To cope, my GP prescribes Lidocaine patches, 12hrs aneasthetic that slowly numbs the nerves that carry the pain message to the brain. These help overcome the cramps, thigh and hip pain, and make such a walk possible.

    There are various ways to use thse patches, quite different to "Tramadol" patches, if you want more details, please PM me to save a long reply.

    Basically, think these could help you, never know till you try, but there are two ways of using them, only you can choose which one.

    Live Hayesider xx

  • Hi Christinem52

    I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are suffering and struggling in this way and I sincerely hope that your pain eases soon for you. I get this (especially in my back) quite a lot. Usually it happens if I over do things and do not pace myself properly.

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Christine, Sorry to hear about your pain....No pain, No gain!! Peck.🐤

  • I have walked my dog for a few years now to keep myself as fit as poss due to spondylosis - however during the last few months I have felt like my thighs were going to seize up - went to my GP who suggested I lose weight - joined slimming world and I am starting to lose it - have started to walk further - 3 miles I fight the pain - anyways to cut a long story short - we moved to this area 3 years ago because I was walking relatively ok I decided to try a bit further yesterday and use a different route OMG what a big mistake - I ended up walking 8 MILES as I couldn't get back unless I turned around and that would have been just as long - I have a whopping big blister on the left foot just below my ankle and this morning my calves are really sore on moving - so I've more or less walked the equivalent of 3 days - I hope when I weigh in on Saturday I have lost weight - will I do it again yes - will I walk as far NO CHANCE - how on earth did Eddie Izzard do his walk in Africa. Luckily my hubby is an AMBO man so when he got home from shift last night he dressed the blister for me - didn't sleep too well as knees,back , shoulders and obviously the foot would hurt on turning in bed - hey ho I know this will ease in time as will your pain - take it easy. X

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