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Further to my last post I have been shuffling back an forth to the Doctors trying to get some answers as to why no medication works for me. Needless to say I did not get any answers. I then asked the Doctor if I could have a tonic for the severe fatigue and tiredness then. He said that I should have some blood tests first. I had the tests which came back as B12 deficiency and ferratin deficiency! After visiting Dr Google I found that the symptoms were exactly what I was suffering with!! What really annoys me is that for 6-8 months I have been suffering like this and was just told "It's Fibromyalgia" When the pain started to affect my veins in my legs I knew something wasn't right. Doctor wanted a further blood test after 2 weeks but in the meantime I bought some Metatone tonic and followed up with A-Z vitamins and minerals. I feel almost 100% now with no aches and pains or fatigue. I had the second blood test and it was ok. If you are like me I would ask for a blood test to see if you may be lacking in B12/Iron instead of being fobbed off.

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I had never heard of Metatone so I goggled it.It sounds like something that could be very helpful but I noticed not aval. in the US.Hope it continues to help.Have a nice evening . Peck.🐤

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So are you saying you haven't got fibromyalgia after all, if so that's goods news 😃 Metatone is a very old remedy for tiredness not sure if it contains iron so have to be careful not to overdose on iron

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I am so genuinely sorry to reads this, and I would keep visiting your doctor to ascertain if they are sticking with the original Fibro diagnosis or not? I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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