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Hi, just a silly post I think, but wanted to know if anyone else out there suffers badly when they sit on hard chairs such as restaurant/pub for several hours, and then continue with huge amount of pain for hours afterwards. Also,went to the Doctors last week and she uptd the amount of pain killers again for me - when does it end - I know never. Feel wiped out today after spending a day with friends I have not seen for over 12 months. Lovely day but the after effects horrid. Sorry I am churning on. Hope all of you have s good as day as you can. Blessings xx

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  • My friends and I suffer on hard seats for various different reasons so now we only go to places with padded seats or really comfortable tub chairs. It does make a difference to how long we can sit but after a couple of hours we need to move.

  • Yup! Especially if said hard chairs have a straight back.

    The other type of seat that doesn't like me is bar stools. It the dangly leg thing. I think it's because it puts a lot of stress on the body core. Plus the edge digs into my thigh muscles 🐸

  • Yes yes yes, after about half an hour I have to get up and walk about the pain in my back and legs is so bad, if we go somewhere where they have easy chairs I'm there like a shot ! Sorebones, Don't get me started on bar stools 😬

  • Vicious things lol. I'm the same now, if I can't be assured of a comfy seat I ain't going lol 🐸

  • I find a couple of glasses of wine helps!

  • I can commiserate that was one if the main reasons I had to give up my job as I was an advisor and if course sitting there all day in an office unable to move until each advice session was over just made everything worse.

    Iget worse as the day goes on so meeting friends for a meal at night is hell.🍜 By the time we have finished I am wiped out and can't wait for bed and as you say the next day you suffer even more.😰😩 My friends want to go and see a film and the last one we went I can't remember the last three quarters of an hour as the pain as so bad. I have been known to carry a cushion just in an effort to get a bit more comfy.

    I now have all my meals on a tray on my lap at home as dining chairs are the worse.x

  • We use trays too. much easier😃

  • Hi

    I can't sit on them for that long 😑 I choose the soft ones or ask them for one.

    It is bad when you pay for having a good day, I'm sort of getting used to it.

    Take care and hope you feel a bit better tomorrow.

  • Thank youso much. xx

  • Yes I find it very painful sitting on hard chairs too. I have found sitting on a thick memory foam cushion helps. It may seem silly to lug it around with me but it makes enough of a difference that it's worthwhile, obviously as long as I don't have to carry it very far as that would cause more problems! I haven't found anything so helpful for the fatigue though, but I try to pace myself and get as much rest as I can between activities. Unfortunately I don't think there is an end, but you can learn to live with this condition with the right support - are you talking to a counsellor of any type? Hope this has been helpful in some way. x

  • I have terrible trouble with sitting on hard chairs. I truly empathise with you.

  • Thanks to everyone who replied to my post. xx

  • Go ahead and let it out as no need to let it stay trapped in your head!! We all understand and would not think a thing of it.Hey you saw ftiends you haven't seen in a year.Give yourself a break ok ?? Peck.🐤

  • Thanks Peck. It was lovely to see our friends after such a long time, but they don't understand this Fibro stuff and just said we are all getting old keep taking the pills. Sensitive I might be, in fact I am but I was so hurt. I did say to read up on the subject, but I know they wont. I don't think any of us put this disease on do we.???? Empathy would be good don't you think. Sue xx

  • cattistock2013 , Sorry they don't understand as no we didn't request this.Im sensitive as well so I can relate.Hooe you have a lovely day!!! Peck🐤

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read this my friend and I can relate to it completely. I try not to sit on them for too long. At home I have a pressure sore cushion and I find this helps unless it is too hot and they make you feel uncomfortable. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • My memory foam cushion is my friend when it comes to hard chairs. I also find sitting on a variety of chairs over the day sets things off.

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