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My husband actually understands my gobbledygook!


When I'm in a fibro fog (and other times too) my husband understands me! It's quite amazing as I ask him to make me a cup of sugar or take the bog out for a walk. The washing machine is the dishwasher and the fridge is the oven, so many things are thingys and they are over there somewhere next to the other thingy! The kettle is the thingy that boils water and the radiators are things that get hot!

He doesn't always get it right as he picks up the wrong thingy and I get more foggy and just a wee bit irritated that he can't see what I want. Bless him though as he does try and I wouldn't be without him.

Do you have odd names and thingys on the thingy?


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Ahhh thats great you have some-one to support you ! I guess thats one good thing about fibro it gives us a laugh when we mix words up like that lol

My foggy head is terrible at times i go into a room for some-thing and forget what ive gone in for within seconds

This made me chuckle :-) i am exactly the same and my partner is very good at knowing what thingy i'm on about most of the time, lol he often finishes off my conversations when i'm say talking to the doctor and all of a sudden in a second i have compleatly forgot what i was saying to the doctor, and it is so embarasing for me but just aswell he no's what i'm on about or what i want to say lol. "you no, the thingy on the thingy lol I also talk back to front and my words i want to come out just wont, it all is very frustrateing at times, but i'm so glad i'm not the only one :) lol have a lovely day xxx :-)

I totally get that, Ariadne :-) It took me a while to realise that memory issues is not creeping dementia.

My BF is slowly getting used to it. He's finally twigged that "can you put the thingy in the whatsit?" is doubledutch for "can you put the dishes in the washer?" or "can you put the washing in the basket?". He already knows that the "vets" is the "medical centre" and the "hoojamaflip" is the "microwave". The "doodah" is whatever I'm pointing at. The "thingy" generally leads to a guessing game for him cuz it's something he can't see. Names of people and places escape me. Annoying when it comes to chats about travel and films.

The list is endless and frustrating, especially since my BF virtually has an idetic memory and remembers EVERYTHING!

My friend has always said the wrong word for stuff like a dressing gown is a coat as is a cardigan and dishwasher is washing machine and his daughter in law is some obscure name that i've never heard before (and nor had she) however we all accept it. Now i have started doing it too so others dont understand what we are saying - bit like that sweet advert on tv! he does not have fibro!! :)

Oh, oh, oh! Thank goodness someone else does it too! My husband just looks at me as if I am daft! This is such a relief! Maybe now he will understand why and be more understanding when it happens!

I had to watch my grandmother and step-father deminish into Altzheimers and this is one of the things they did, and I made sense of what they said so they were not embarrassed by it.

I did say when I was told I might have FM and that this was one of the signs, "bother, now how am I going to tell when I have alzheimers!" but I had forgotten.

Thank you for this!

Soft hugs

I asked my kids yesterday if they had "teaned their cleeth" lol. I am rubbish with peoples names, everyone is thingy or wotsit :o

It's great reading all of your comments.....funnily enough my husband generally gets me, however if he doesn't I get really annoyed with myself and everyone else around me.

The worst is speaking to strangers, I just look THICK!!!!!!! thank goodness I am blonde!! xx

my latest word muddle was when i asked my husband to check the squashy in the car, i meant screen wash!!!!!!!

Goodienuff in reply to fibrolou

OMG - you should hear me when both my daughters and 3 grandkids are with me - I go through everyone's name before I get the right one!!! I'm turning into my Nanna she always did this too. :-)

It's been great reading your comments, at least we can laugh over it. I originally thought I was heading into Alzheimers like my dad so got a bit freaked out. Now it's a bit of a game with my kids, I say have you got and when I pause they add in daft things like cat, house and so on which makes us laugh.

When I was teaching I would ask the students for the word as if I knew it. Names were a nightmare so I used seating plans with names and the register had photos. Everyone else outside work I either don't say there name or call everyone sweetheart!!

Here's to a wovely leekend! ;)

AHHH, Ive loved all these comments.really cheered me up.I thought I was heading for dementia or Alzheimers too coz I say the most ridiculous thingys sometimes,and "sometimes" is getting more frequent. I ask my daughter to "put the stuff in the thing" quite often.She knows what I mean now.I also get objects names wrong.I know what I want to say (in my head) but the word wont come out of my mouth.Or I'll say a word that begins with the right letter but its the wrong word. Or I'll say "the thing that does that".frustrates me so bad, when I cant think of someone's name (who Ive known FOREVER), or a song or place.The more I try to remember, the more I forget. Then all of a sudden, theres a hole in the fibro fog and out it pops!! But it really annoys me when people say "Oh, we all forget things sometimes". Yes, but not SEVERAL TIMES A DAY !!!! Ahhhh,ya hafta laff, dontcha???!!!!!! Wishing you all a good wkend.(It'll be Monday by the time I finish writing this thingy!!............)

OMG!!! you are SO LUCKY!!! Mine is a complete ****** if I ask him to do anything, like yesterday out shopping, I remembered I needed to boil eggs for the grandkids to paint for school today, so I called home and said, 'Do me a favour darling, put 6 eggs on to hard-boil for when I get home.'

He said, 'what eggs?'

'The ones on top of the fridge as usual'

'What do they look like?'

'They're in a blue egg box just behing the kiddies sweetie jar'

'OK, so what do I do?'

'Put them on to boil'

'How do I do that?'

(I am getting angry now) 'WELL, take a pan and fill it with cold water, then put in the eggs, put them on the cooker, light the gas ring and leave them till I get home'

'OK, how much water?'

'Enough to cover them'

'What size pan?'

'One big enough to hold six eggs covered with water'

'Right do I have to put a lid on the pan?'

(now I've lost the will to live}

'OH SODDING HELL!!! Forget it - just put the next washload in the washer for me please BYE'

SO I got home, boiled the eggs, and went to see how the washing was doing, and well, it seems that asking him to just put clothes in the washer doesn't compute - I need to say, 'put the washing in the washer, shut door, add washing detergent and conditioner, put it on to go on number whatever and press start button.

Reading lots of these posts and getting so much identification is making me laugh, thanx for postin!! xxx

I laughed are your comments because even though my hubby understands he does need idiot instructions too. It could have been me talking! Love it ;)

my kids and husband are constantly checking me as I always say the wrong thing or mix it up. I never call the kids their name properly on the first attempt either.

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