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Dentists who understand fibromyalgia

I live in Essex and my usual and understanding dentist is on long  term sick leave.  The locum is refusing to fill a back tooth because I have limited opening and is insisting I get treatment for a TMJ problem she says I have.  I have always had limited opening problems however but regardless of this in 2010 with a previous dentist in another town where I lived I had veneers fitted and lots of white fillings.  I managed with the fibro but had to have 2 week rests throughout.  Does anyone know of an understanding dentist in the Braintree, Colchester, Chelmsford area who might help.  It could NHS or private.

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Hope someone comes up with the info.  I googled the question and nothing came up but one dentist offered a free consultation so that could be the way to go.  I was lucky with my last dentist as he was aware of my problems and would do the dentistry with the chair only slightly reclined even though the poor man probably needed a chiropractor afterwards.  He also used to tell me to just put up my finger if I needed him to stop.  I think all this gives us the confidence to go through more pain than we could normally cope with. He has even been honest enough to say when he gets as doing something that helps knew would be very painful afterwards " would you like to take your painkillers before I start so they will have kicked in before the numbness wears off".  If I want have already been married I would have proposed on the spot.  I too have problems opening and keeping my jaw open wide enough for any length of time and I know how you feel as the Pain can just go off the scale. I'm wishing you luck.c


Hi Hedwig16

I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I sincerely hope that you can find the answers that you are looking for. I have pasted you an FMA UK link below to Fibro groups, as there may be a group in your area and they would probably need a dentist from time to time and know a good one? So it may be worth contacting them about it?

I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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Hi, I cannot comment on the tmj part of it, but have had no problems with my dentist.  They ensure I have a downstairs room and last year I had to have a wisdom tooth removed.  I couldn't get my mouth open properly for a proper xray and the machine to do the panoramic mouth xray was upstairs.  

He offered to refer me to the hospital maxfax or for around £200 they had a dental surgeon visit every so often.  I went the private route for quickness and the dental surgeon is also a maxfax consultant in the hospital. He removed the tooth after discussion and provided follow up care all for the initial price.  I have the added issue of being on long term calcium supplements which makes me high risk of stuff failing and long roots which are very close the nerves

This was at Goodleigh in Chelmsford but you could always ask to have a discussion with a senior partner and see how you feel as that is the most important part 


Thank you so much ailsamary.  I too had a problem with dental x-rays and this is when the locum dentist got so troublesome.   Great stuff - Hedwig


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