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My Active B12 result just came back from the lab. It states  that Active B12 110pmol/L and range is 25.1-165.0. 

My previous result from my GP was 575 from the range of 200-700ng/L

I don't know how to read 110pmol/L from the range of 25.1-165.0. There seems to be 2 different measurement system. Could anyone tell me what this means?

Thank you all

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  • Hi there

    Please may I suggest that you speak to your GP concerning your results?

    We are not medically trained and it is not our place to be trying to read these results for you. 

    I do hope that you understand that this is purely for your own safety.

    Wishing you all the very best.

    Lu x

    Admin Volunteer 

  • Hi. If you post this on the thyroid and pernicious anemia forums you will receive interpretations of this result. Like us on here they are not doctors but are dealing more with the consequences of low b12 and understand the levels a lot more. I know because they have helped me understand mine.

  • You beat me to it x

  • Apologies. I will do that.

    Thank you

  • Can I ask what is B12? Thank you.

  • Vitamin B12, I was found to be deficient, it causes all sorts of problems and for me seems to be the cause of low mood xx

  • Oh right,thank you :)

  • If Z I knew I would tell you but I have no idea.Good luck.Peck ☺

  • Hi ABC100

    I have pasted you a link to an pdf file that explains all about the B12 results, but it may be easier to ask your GP as it looks quite complicated to me? But you may understand it where I do not?

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with these results.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you Ken. This test was done privately and I was hesitant to take it to my GP straight away. I will read the link you sent. Since the result came back I am thinking that as far as the result is concerned for Active B12,110 compared to the range of 25.1-165 must surely be OK. My GP won't have much to say as it is not an NHS provided test. My hesitation to consult my GP also arises from experience as I have been continuously battling for years to be taken seriously to get to the bottom of what is really wrong with me. As pleasant and professional as my GP is, if the 'standard' blood tests (full blood count, thyroid, liver, kidney, etc.) do not show abnormal levels they do not have the power to investigate further as it falls outside normal parameters.

    I apologise for my rambling and giving you a headache.

    Thanking you always

  • I know exactly what you mean! If I want anything done I have to talk to my consultant and they then send a letter to my GP and this way I get things done. It is quite ridiculous really?

  • Hello ABC100,,,,,your gp should be good and give you assistance to help answer your B12 results,,,,,and he can request a whole long list of blood tests and not just the usual ones,,,,,even down to vitamins, D, B, K, and a lot of other things,,,,,ask him,,it is part of his job to get the best possible results to help with your condition,,,,,,good luck,,ttfn from Karen.

  • Hello Scouser58, 

    Thanks for the encouriging/guiding words. You pointed where my big stress lies and I dearly wish things would be that straightforward for me. Out of desperacy to to find a way to start something positive happening about a year ago especially after I insisted for vitamin D test and found to be deficient, I wrote down all my symptoms and matched them up with all possible vitamin deficiencies. My logic was start from the basics ie through the nutrition find out if any of the vitamins are deficient in me. After all it is said that we are what we eat/digest. For many many years I was on Ranitidine because of digestive problems and I was taking it when and if I needed it. If averaged over 10-15 years still makes a lot. About 2 years ago I stopped taking it. I started to find out that medecines like Ranitidine deplate vitamin B12 in the body. Also my gall bladder had been removed 1999. I am having a lot of digestive problems too. Last year had a GI endoscopy which the result came clear and no ulcers neither in the stomach nor in the duedoneum. But I have a little kink at the stomach end of my oesophagus. 

    Hence I am suspicious about how my body is digesting or not and main reason for making the list of all of my symptoms corresponding to the vitamins. With this list went to my GP explained and asked them to be checked. The answer was no, because NHS doesn't do vitamin checks on adults however sometimes it may be possible for children. GP trying to convince me said that even took the blood send it to the lab they won't do it. At that time coincidentially I also had an appointment at he hospital with a General Medecine consultant and I explained my findings and asked him for the blood tests for vitamin checks. Answer was similar to I got from my GP but he said he would do his best to get them as he requested some usual other blood tests from the lab. The end result was the same: NO

    I feel unable to get listening/understanding ears, and what else I can do but blame myself for not beeing good with words/assertive/strong, etc, etc. I also feel isolated and lonely and hugely streesed out not only because of health problems also if and when I need to see a GP.

    But still having the dogged determination to find out what is the route cause(s) for my health problems. I keep reading, searching and times they so overwhelm me.

    Is it poor me? A woman whose getting older with wear and tear(osteoarthritis) on her body and IBS problems, in depression with anxiety problems...otherwise healthy (I herd this before from a GP).

    I am so sorry Scouser58 for my blabbering about all these to you and giving you a headache. Please forgive me I obviously had a need to write all these.

    All my best wishes to you.

  • Hello ABC100,,,,you needed to get all that off your chest,,,,and I understand the frustration of the brick wall of ,no, no,,,not to labour the point,,,,I have had my vitamin levels checked from blood tests,,,now whether they were part of other test results,,I am not sure, but I have had some results.,,,,

    I take vitamin supplements,,and feel better for them,,,so how about getting particular vitamins that you feel you need,,,,and take the recommended dose,,and take them for the contents of one bottle,,,following the instructions  and see how you feel,,,,I have had good results when I have done this,,,,feeling better is worth it's weight in gold,,,,

    One I do know that is very good is Rose Hip,,but it is expensive,,,,,I always look through the offers from Holland & Barrett and with their bonus card collect the points, get the money off coupons and the money voucher it is great,,,,also the magazine Healthy has many great items including coupons for more things,,some even at half price,,and then I can save money,,,,,So if you are going to do this,,,,do you need the complete vitamin B?,,,vitamin D3, vit K, the last two can be bought as one tablet,,,,,I wish you look with your vitamins,,,and see how you go with them,,,,,ttfn from Karen.

  • Hello Scouser58,

    It was good to hear from you again. I don't usually talk and bother others about my problems/difficulties but trying to find solutions about myself. After reading your message this morning firstly I was relieved that you understood me and secondly now I have a plan B with your encouragement about doing something to help to remedy.

    Thank you very much and my best wishes to you. 

  • Hello ABC100,

    Well good luck and let me know how you are getting on,,,,ttfn from Karen.

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