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Hi All

How are you feeling today?

I was wondering if you can help me. I want to start exercising to help get the mobility back in my arms. I'm waiting for physio but that might not happen until September!!!

Can any of you please recommend any exercises that might help with my mobility until then. I can't raise my arms very high, put my hands on my hips or reach around to my back because of the amount of pain. If am I lying down i can't raise my left arm at all. I can't lift anything heavy.

Thank you all. Gentle hugs.


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What a long wait for you. You might think this is daft but why not try exercising your hands first as just opening and closing the fingers of your hand actually stretches the muscles on your lower arms. As you build this up you should actually feel the stretching sensation starting to go past your elbow. If you squeeze a soft sponge ball that sensation will be more pronounced.

You could try holding one of the lightest exercise Bands I believe it is yellow with both hands and slowly moving your arms apart. At first just do it for a minute and then slowly build up. You might not think you are getting anywhere but if you take it very slowly and do tiny amounts but regularly I think you will start to feel a strengthening. If you feel in alot of pain cut down the duration. I'd do this to build up the strength on my legs as when I was first Ill I was in so much pain even walking was horrendous.

Gentle stretches are exercise it is just getting your muscles working again. Often fibro sufferers can't do anything more than gentle exercise especially at first but it all counts. Good luck. I am sure others will share their wisdom. X


Thank you so much. I'll buy a stress ball and start the work out


I was just about to suggest a stress ball until I read rosewine's post! Good luck with it my friend :)


Other than adding tai chi, but specialising in the arm movements, I cant improve on Rosewine's offering :)

My physio got me doing push ups against a door as part of a programme. I'll post a handout he gave me to use in association with theraband under "arm exercises for fibro".



Have you know about Rock Steady Boxing it helps to move arms and legs try it and let me know if works for you




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