Rash now has a name

Hi, I've finally had results from my biopsy . It seems the rash is known as Lichen Planus

No cure but it can be treated, it's related to the immune system. It's not infectious or contagious. I've been given a steroid cream to use for a month then have to see the specialist again. If it turns out to be erosive Lichen Planus it can develope into cancer so I am rather anxious at mo. Has anyone else got this at all

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  • Not heard of this before. All best wishes with it all Bailey. :-)

  • Thanku x

  • Hi Bailey,

    I personally don't suffer from this condition and am sorry to hear that you are!

    I have pasted a link for you to have a browse at:


    Hope this helps with understanding Lichen Planus further.

    Soft hugs,

    Elizabeth :) xx

  • Thanku for the link, I've had a read x

  • Your very welcome my friend :) xxx

  • My other half has this. He gets very weak , tight skin on his legs which he has to be careful not to scratch when he is out cycling as they don't stop bleeding for a long time. Otherwise this doesn't bother him much. Advantage is he never has to shave them as the hair has stopped growing on his legs. (That's what he tells me anyway! 😉

  • Glad you have at least found out what it is. Had to look it up as I had no knowledge of this at least it says that it is rare that it would form into a cancer. Just make sure that you stick to what every regime of creams they give you and go and have investigations if it does not rapidly improve or you ever notice it getting worse. I am sure someone else will have had it on the forum and can be of more help. Hope you get good results soon.x

  • Thanku x

  • Hi Bailey13,

    I have this too.....prior to biopsy I had horrible scales on the back of my hand.....it was clearly made worse by stress. I get occasional patches on lower leg ...usually as the weather changes and I am getting into pattern of all over sunscreen......

    Wasn't told about cancer....which wasn't mentioned in the info leaflet the dermatologist gave me......question for GP next visit

    It has made me question every lump and bump....but I do know stress makes it worse so I try to just trust the cream will clear it promptly.....which to date it has

    Gentle hugs

  • Hi Bailey13

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I sincerely hope that you respond well to your treatments. I have not heard of this before but I have just been reading about it on the NHS site, and it does not look pleasant.

    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck, please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • hello, yes i had it twice all over my body. I'm sorry to say it was a horrible experience that left me with brown scars. Touch wood they don't return but i had several severe flare ups over 20 years.

    Things i learnt

    The creams really help. Also you should ask your gp for a special body wash and double base body cream. Any body washes containing soap yes even the Dove ones really dry the skin out. I also found out from the OT at Social services, as i use double base i am entitled to a bath seat lift to help me sit in hot water which is good for the fibro, ME and the lichen planus.

    Do you find that change in temperature and clothing make a difference for you?

    I didnt know that there is a cancerous type.

  • Thanku for the info kimbles, I've made notes for when I see the specialist /doctor again. I only find if I get too hot it all flares up, it itches and I've noticed how dry my skin has become. Someone on here gave me a link and that's where I read about the cancerous type x

  • I had many years aho i had sunlight therapy did help a bit i also went to chinese herbalist my daughter insisted and within a week it had gone and ive never had it back hope this helps hugs xx

  • Thanku x

  • Hi Bailey13, I have just read your post I will be praying for you and you get a positive outcome from the specialist when you see them, can you let me know how you get on please I would like to know. Your in my prayers 🙏🏻

  • Thanku purple-haze. I have a about a month to go before I'm back in clinic but will let u know how I get on x

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