Anyone any ideas

As I posted already had my surgery for nerve entrapment left ulna on friday....having pain now the nerve block has worn off and just about other issue is I have woken up this morning and my gums on every tooth have swollen and my mouth is very tender ... I do get ulcers and sore gums from time to time and I do have oral lichen planus.....thinking its either reaction to something given in theatre or inflammation due to stress of surgery.....may see if I can get in to see dentist luckily its open on a sunday

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  • Dentists please!!!

  • Will do.....oh the joys of this fibro malarkey ..... if it isn't one thing its another feel like I am falling to pieces a bit at a time :(

  • Oh honey I know I am!! At 50 I feel 80 at least and not the good 80 either!

  • Same almost 49 and some days I feel like an eighty year old ;)

  • It's an elite club, which I wish I wasn't a member of, sadly I'm the same as you and dear Regno 😳

  • Been dentist and he wants me to see hygienist agrees gums are inflamed.... but I know this isnt happening to me because of gum disease....I am sure its the stress of the operation..... whenever I am not feeling tip top it shows up with my mouth be it ulcers or gums and teeth hurting just wish we could be taken seriously every now and then really pees me off....if I have reached this age and never had to see the hygienist before I am sure I know how to brush my teeth :(

  • Hi,

    sorry you're not aok and know what you mean about mouth ulcers and gums etc it always seems inferred I am not doing something or doing it wrong.I get mouth probs cos of Lupus aswell but one thing is every time I have had surgery,wow that sounds like I am a regular ,oh yes I am ha,anyway afterwards I have similar problem and have been told its with fibro pain meds and anaesthetic doesn't work aswell so I clamp my teeth hard ,bit through their equipment once lol, and it causes the swelling ,inflammation and pain.They maybe right or just giving me a reason because they haven't got a clue why but suppose it could make sense.

    Don't worry I will now shut up and go away as I doubt any of that really helped but thought I'd mention as I have similar

    Hope you is much better reasl soon.x

  • Thanks for reply, Not currently on any fibro pain meds at the minute effie...stopped amitryptyline weeks ago because it wasnt doing anything for me..... only taking vitamin D and nifederpine for my Raynauds.....only recently in June been diagnosed with fibro.....seen rheumy ??? connective tissue but results came back negative but had previous positive ANA have raynauds , joint paint , etc the list goes on, had shoulder surgery 3 years ago now both ulna have compressed nerves no explanation for this....I do find like you that when I am not feeling great or I am really shattered my mouth gives me gyp.....oral lichen planus flares....teeth hurt and I get ulcers.....I am sure the swelling and tenderness will resolve as soon as I get the pain from surgery under control. But I will see the hygienist just to appease the dentist ;)

  • OK but do keep a symptoms diary as Raynaud's ,fibro,mouth probs etc can be a forewarning of connective tissue probs especially as you had previous pos Ana result.Can take years to show up on results and some folk are seronegative diagnosed which just means show all the symptoms but no bloods positive.

    Weather at moment p!aying most unfairly with my Raynaud's so look after yourself and yep got keep the dentist happy as they can look mighty scary when displeased!

  • Thanks Effie will carry on keeping a record x

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are suffering and struggling so much and I sincerely hope that you start to feel more like your usual self again soon.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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