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Burst blood vessels in toes???

My legs alately fir past 2 wks been waking me up

Throbbing aching.

Today at customers my toes tickly and tingled then pain 2 black toes nerve and pain putting pressure on foot hurt!

Went to Dr and she said its burst blood vessels

Really burning aching and face burning alately feeling really rough like flu but no cold with it.

From head to foot

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oh no hun this is all you need right now let alone is there anything they can do for this?

can it be helped through rest and alleviation of the feet?how did this happen?

i felt fluey all last week and couldnt shake it.

this week its my i.b.s and hives taken its toll.

sending hugs and hope your feeling a better soon.



Thanks sammi

The Dr said she had it too and do i mess about with feet on my car pedals????

Accelarator hmm no! ApParently its nothing much and just rest.

I was worried admitedly atv1st as i could not put pressure on foot.

I had just been Dr on wed review on meds to put on repeat and help with blue badge

The Dr said will help with anything i want to claim for.

As i still run my wrk only i been so rough just lately.

Its like decent days but not energetic.

Yet rough is rough.

Did you get any help for flu feeling?

I live and rely on lyrica and pain relief. I too get bad ibs and suffered past wek down below with severe pain in ovary area and loo!

Tearful painful and waterbottle.

I no idea re blood vessels and my toes very bruised looking now :-(

That compared to all rest is not much but still worrying when its something new!!

How you feeling now sammi xxxxxx huggles back


Hi Fairy, I also get IBS and when those stumack cramps been hosptalise 3 times in paste. There is some fab tablets called ibruphen you can get them over the counter and even on supermarket shelves, box is silver and green (don't mean to sound patrinizing if you already know) I always make sure I have them with me where ever I go. theu take roughly 20 mins to work, but work they hugs and smiles xx


Thanks tess

Ibs not nice

I am allergic to anti inflamatories and your not patronizing lol

Got lots yrs experience with lots pills i guess.

I worked in pharmacy for 8 yrs

If not well at wrk there always good advice .

Hope you not suffering tpo much tho xxxx


its weird coz im sat now and my tummy is soo bloated and swollen and all i eat for dinner was salad.

ive had the pain in that area too all week,told doctor and he said my i.b.s was at its worst and just prescribed me some fybogel.crap doesnt work.

been a very very tough week for me and hives hasnt cleared up tried everything but nothing works,ive also got a water infection on top.and my ladies now too.

so ive been hid in flat all week has im finding it hard to leave flat now.

we also had a pregnancy scare as well?but im not?

no he gave me nothing for my flu symp?he said it was down to my fybro though?

so hammering the water.

cant remember last time i felt normal or not in pain and not tearful.feel like some days im cracking up..

start my counselling again monday?ive decided im gonna stay away from negative people now.

hope you get your blue badge ?its amazing just having that the difference it makes for us?

please keep in touch im always here for you okay?

good night xx


Hi Sammy my doc put me on that fybogel muck didn't work for me either so I was put on lactose sweet as hell but it worked for me might be worth a try . Sithy


Hia sammi

I do not know much about hives and i know not very nice, like you the water infections and usually have small amounts of protein which i guess relates to my bhms.

Nothing is nice and the ppl that are negative are those not suffering!

I try to think, ... Well in their shoes with no such health issues must be hard only its the you get better soon attitude and keep positive!! I so do TRY to be positive as got such a hectic daily life and its a big struggle.

You are quite like me and i guess so many others i just get annoyed with certain things in medical world.

I so hope you get some relief from symptoms as i fully understand how hard it is.


I no idea how to eeeven make one these days i have seized up!! :-(

Any chores around the house i seize up after few mins lol

I was such a DIY fanatic in house and wrk and garden now i watch others and think WTF

I am a snail now.

Anyways sammi inbox if want to chat and catch up.

I am bazunked and beyond lol

Dr said double up on lyrica but am bit worried as i pace it alllll day

Maybe thats why am so rough too eeek xxx

Love to you xx


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