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Just thinking about rights

You hear on the news about human rights etc.. This that & the other as we are in the EU, so if someone has to go for a esa assessment or pip assessment and the building is not accessible when you turn up or you can' t physically get there survey to God as you are part of theEU also, surely it is a infringement o your human rights or discriminating against your disabled rights??

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Good question! I can imagine that one day somebody will put this to the test and take the powers that be to court over this matter? Below I have pasted an excerpt from the 'Equality and Human Rights Commission' website:

*Failure to make reasonable adjustments

Under the Act employers and organisations have a responsibility to make sure that disabled people can access jobs, education and services as easily as non-disabled people. This is known as the ‘duty to make reasonable adjustments’.

Disabled people can experience discrimination if the employer or organisation doesn’t make a reasonable adjustment. This is known as a ‘failure to make reasonable adjustments’.

For example, an employee with a mobility impairment needs a parking space close to the office. However, her employer only gives parking spaces to senior managers and refuses to give her a designated parking space.

What is reasonable depends on a number of factors, including how big the organisation making the adjustment is. If an organisation already has a number of parking spaces it would be reasonable for them to designate one close to the entrance for the employee.

*'Equality and Human Rights Commission' website:


We have recently seen court cases whereby claimants have won on issues ranging from delayed PIP payments through to the bedroom tax.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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