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Weight loss programmes for fibro sufferers?

Hello everyone

Since being diagnosed 4 years ago, I've slowly put on a lot of weight and no matter what I try, nothing is working for me to lose even a couple of pounds and keep them off! I wondered if anyone knows of a special kind of weight loss and exercise plan that will help with losing about 3 stone?? Is there any exercise plans that are specially made for people who suffer with pain? Traditional exercise that are usually for thin & already quite fit people are just impossible for me to do as many of you probably understand! I really really could do with some help and advice on this if you have anything!! Thanking you all! Hope your day is pain and suffering free today!! Xxx

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Hi Natt, Ditto, I take Pregablin and since I've been on them i have put on so much weight. Last year i went on the Cambridge Diet and lost 3 stone. Sadly I stopped it at start of Nov and what with Xmas thrown in the equation I have put 2 stone back on again. Grrrrrr

I have now started again today. It's Cambridge alternative though and much cheaper and has same results and I think more choice.

It's called Exante and online and they have a lot of good offers on till end of Jan. At first you may think it's pricey but it's all you eat so cheaper than buying a week's shopping.

I substitute 2 meals then have a chicken salad or similar for dinner and the weight dropped off me quite quickly saw results that helps to stick to it.

It's got lots of vitamins and protein and it actually made me feel better in myself.

Again, it's one of them really, not for everyone but it worked for my daughter and myself so as from today I'm back on it.

You have to weigh yourself only once a week. You can also have a boiled egg if you get the munchies but funnily enough it is quite filling and I didn't really get hungry when I was on it before.

You also have to Drink plenty of water.

Hope this is useful to you.

Luv Jan x


When I start my diet again, it will be the 2/5 diet also known as the fast diet. I lost 10 lbs on it the year before last.which I was very pleased with. Got to do same this year, but sooner as have wedding to go to in August. So good insentive for me. There's a book called Armchair Excersises. Think it's produced by one of the health organisations. Not sure which one but if I find out I'll post details later. I think just by doing a bit more activity than usual may help. But only time will tell.


Hi Natt1982

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I do not know if this is any use to you but the NHS Choices website has a listing on self help including exercise. I have pasted the link below;

I understand completely what you mean about traditional exercise being too much for a Fibro sufferer. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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My dr told me to go gluten free,no carbonated drinks!


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