Coming off meds

Hello everyone

I have recently decided with my gp to come off Duloxetine/Cymbalta after this drug was giving me immense side effects.

The gp said to come over if any problems occur. Currently I am taking 20mg every other day but today I feel really horrible.

Very intense nausea, migraine and lack of air in my lungs not to mention the usual zombie like head and achiness all over the body.

I was wondering if anyone had any experience of this kind?

I just want to feel ok again. I still have to work and this is really bad recently with the heat and stuffiness. :(

Thank you


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  • I am just taking myself of duloxetine because of sweats, and now seeing your post about not enough air that's another thing I have I cant get breath any further than my chest without a struggle Dr has put me for an X-ray. I wonder if any of this is connected to tablets. Sorry I'm not any help to you ❤️

  • No problem having someone to talk to and understand is already help. I think it may be cause I never had this issue before. Nausea is the worst as I travel to work by bus 45min ughhh :( Hope you have your chest sorted let me know what the x-ray shows if you don't mind:)

    Have a nice evening


  • This sounds horrible, I hope it gets better. I wish you the best . Peck.🐤

  • Thank you :)

  • I am not taking these medications my self but I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with coming off them my friend, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you :)

  • I came off duloxetine this year - really, really slowly. Like you I have to work. My suggestion is don't reduce further until those reactions have settled down. It took me such a long time getting off it. I ended up at one a week even. I thought it was a psychological need reducing to that, but I wonder now if it was my body telling me this is how it needed to be.

    So my very best wishes to you going through this.

  • That's what I will have to do I was on 60mg and now I take 20mg every other day and have one more box after than. With what you suggest I think I will go get another prescription in case it gets really bad :) out of curiosity did you have to take something instead? I am just worried I will come back to the point I won't be able to not take meds at all, but I have tried so many antidepressants and they all disagree with me :/

    Thank you :)

  • This is the first time I've successfully come off antidepressants in the 16 years I've had fms and went on amytriptyline first. My thought is if you can get yourself successfully to 20mg every other day stick with that for a while before going down again, you know your body best and duloxetine is also used for pain management in fms. I have more pain now, but so far the benefits still outweigh that increase in pain (only just stopped the one a week!)

  • Ask your GP for something for the nausea hun.... domperidone is good but can only be used for short periods of time..... fill your GP in on how it is seriously effecting you and your ability to work etc.....

    I am not on any of those drugs but i suffer the same way with this weather.... for me it is the air pressure/ humidity.... feel like cant breathe right.... like sky is pressing down on me.... rotton headaches.... and even less energy than normal...

    But as we dont get much summer in this country..... it is sad to suffer when we do get a lil summer....

    Soon be winter..... heyho...

    Hope you get some help from your GP hun.... keep us informed...

    Much love n cyber hugs

    Lolly x

  • Hi I am on 30 mg a day!! have only been on it about a month- awful side effects for the first two weeks - sickness , pressure headaches, constipation, sticky eyes , fatigue much worse - phoned my doctor - she said hang in there a bit longer - and wow last week I started to feel much better - I am no longer napping in the day all side effects gone , and the awful pain in my legs is so much less - I managed to walked for an hour today - no pain hardly - but we are all different - good luck - Neese x

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