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Does anyone have numbness in the arms,sort of tingling running down arms,being very clumsy,the pain in my hands is very tender.I feel just lately that my moods are changing i feel like literally screaming and angry for no reason.I typing now and i'm getting slower and heavier in my typing,fed up with it,i can't even hold the phone to my ear for more than a minute by then my arm has gone to sleep and painful.My legs do the same thing,i'll tell you what we FIBROS have to cope with some very strange pains ,i think while coping with one pain another one comes along in different area.moaningly jacksiex.

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  • Hi jacksiex i to hve exactly the same symptoms as you,I'm having a flare up just now.My arms ache n feel so heavy.I cannot even hang out washing on the line anymore.And i cannot look at clothing in shops on hanging rails.I hve no strength in my arms n hands. People don't understand stand,why we cannot do simple things like these.I cannot stand the pain that goes with this awful illness.I'm in antidepres tabs for my moods.I'm afraid their doesn't look like much we can do about this.Except rest n accept this awful condition..hugs fee.

  • Hi there.yes i get a lot of that in my arms,hands and fingers drives me potty,when i wake up in the mornings my fingers are all knarled and my hands and arms look and feel like i'm 90 not 38! takes a while to loosen up and get going that awful heavy feeling lasts for hours somedays like lead! Hugs sent your way Della xxx

  • i get alot pf pains in arms and legs like intense pins and needles has woken me up before its horrid ,y legs r4ms then go weak and i am very useless balace dreadful but i get regular flare ups atm seems all time one thing or another as i have not been fully diagaanosed they believe its fibro and me i have and i must admit the pain and other syptoms are horrid ive been like this since may but you guys longer i feel for i feel for u! currenty in wheelchair legs at 24 give way due to sensations and pain. wondering if any of u get judged as a drama queen or fake as people dont feel what we do or they cant see whats happening inside? x x della lead is like how my legs feel in the morning its a great decir[tiom. have anyone had floppy arms nut im agony i was just sat down pick up a muh of drink dropped drink arm went a;; funny since my arms are weak use straws or kids beaker lidded cu[s! x

  • i've been getting numbness and pins n needles in my hands for months now, gp n hosp keep saying its carpel tunnel but i know thats not the reason cos i've already had them done. like everyone says its just so easy to fob us off with something that has similar symptoms. as for the drink dribbling out the mouth that happened to me the other day n i found it quite scary. U never quite know what to put down to the fibro n what is something completely unrelated, thats what makes life even harder.

  • Oh yes, yes and yes!! I have become very clumsy, dropping so many things then being unable to pick them up!! If I'm on the phone I have to keep changing hands as they go numb and I get pins and needles. When I wake in the morning both of my hands and feet are numb until I try to start walking around....more like hobble!! XX

  • Definitely. If I'm having a bad day, washing my hair is off the cards, and washing under my arms is difficult. It's a bit of a difficulty with driving, too, and holding my arms up to write on the clipboards if I'm assessing a patient can be really painful.

    Guess it's another present from our Uncle Fibro! Thanks, Unc! ;) xx

  • Too right sooty,i don't think theirs an area of body that it doesn't get to,every day like everyone else we have to deal with whatever the day brings.I could literally scream,i look so well every time i bump into someone,they say how well i look,i don't mention the Fibro,it's not worth it,i'd rather much say RA it's easier for them to get it,am i wrong.Jacksiex.

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