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Does anyone else have trouble with having a bath due to pain and feeling exhausted? I've bought several bath stools, and steps, even a bath lift but to no avail. The bath lift is very slow and is very heavy to lift. Could Occupational therapy help me with a more decent bath lift? My fibro affects me most bathing and I don't want to take a quick shower instead. So I want to carry on with bathing but just have a bit of help with it. I'm exhausted after having a bath and wonder do any of you receive any help with bathing aids? I've seen decent bath lifts but they are out of my price range. Thanks

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  • I have to take a break afterwards because it zaps my energy. I have a seat and resorted to showers. Also I have things with handles to make it easier. If I take a bath my wonderful daughter does have to help me out. I also have a helper if I have to have it. Although I prefer my daughter helping me. I hope you find something to help you.

  • It sounds as though you've tried most solutions, OT are not able to supply much, certainly here in Wales :-(

    It was deemed 'unsafe' for me to have a bath - I used to bathe every night :-) - but they supplied a good 'over bath' shower seat. I became used to showering and now I employ my own PA's via direct payments I have a bath a few times a week.

    It's so important to us to be able to immerse in hot/warm water, Oh for a hot tub :-)

  • Oh, a hot tub....... What a fantastic thing it is. It just melts away the aches and pains as it massages your weary muscles. I have looked into buying a hot tub, I was even thinking of selling my car to pay for it. I had just the right one in mind having done my market research, a true therapeutical one, not just a lovely bubbly one. I could even fit it in my tiny courtyard garden. Then the bomb dropped. I would have to hire a specialist crane to lift one over the house. And with that my dream came crashing down round my ears 😪 😢.

  • Yes ive had a bath hoist had to wait 4 months and be assessed for it to at home one in o.t. they dont just give you services council provide.. good luck ....

  • Probably depends on your local council, worth a try 😄

  • My local council will not consider it if you can shower. But you never know until you ask. You will find the number for social care in your area on the councils website. Good luck, I hope they can help 🐸

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that my friend and I sincerely hope that you can find the answers that you are looking for. We have a wet room with a walk in shower with a seat, it is so much easier this way for us. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Thanks for your replies. I was never told about the council. If I had the money I'd buy a walk in bath as they look the best, certainly for what I'm looking for. But I haven't got the money and expect they would Costa bomb. Maybe I should try for a hoist then. Hope you're all having a pain free day as much as possible xx

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