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new to the forum

I thought oh if I knew why I was suffering such pain I would be able to manage it, as that's how I have dealt with things in the past. Its not working this time !!!!!!

Any advise on trying to sleep with this pain, any tips to try on pain relief med's, foods to try drinks to drink or not drink, exorcize's to try ( most pain from hips down and Upper back)


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Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I have pasted you a link below to our parent site, Fibromyalgia Action UK which hosts loads of useful Fibro information:

There are medications that doctors use for Fibro that contain an added sedative such as Amitriptyline, so this is something that you could discuss with your GP? One of things that I personally find useful is my very gentle physiotherapy, as this helps keep me a little more mobile without the extra pain. it consists of simple leg, hip, knee and ankle rolling exercises and is available on the NHS.

Something that the NHS advises now is to alternate your over the counter pain killers. By this they say take two paracetamol and then next time take two ibuprofen so your body gets the best and most effective relief from them. I would also discuss this with your GP prior to trying it as many patients cannot take certain pain killers.

It may also help to keep a pain / symptom diary as this may show patterns in your life whereby your Fibro flares up? I want to gneuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with this.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi have you seen a rhumatolgist yet ? He may be able to help via drugs , although I think a pain and fatigue clinic may be the way to go ! Ask GP .

Sorry will try and message you tomorrow sorry message so short but ,a bit unwell tonight to ,

Welcome by the way ,


Chris. 😊


Welcome sorry I am late to the party! Try a nice warm bath before bedtime. Good mattress a body pillow helps. Or three in my case. Relaxing music and maybe whit noise( like a fan) . Gentle exercise or stretches. A tens or Ems unit might help. The right meds also. I am sorry to say in a bad flare there is nothing that is going to take pain away completely. Everyday it's a matter of learning how it affects you. It's a personal thing what works for me may make you worse. Trial and error just try different things. Some can't tolerate milk, caffeine, alcohol, red fruit, seafood it's really up to your body. I will say sleep is hard for most of us. Good luck


I am a bit of a Whois I am laying off the mess as long as possible, yup I'm the person who looks like they haven't slept for years, meds scare me as I have had that swelling can't breath can't move allergic reaction. But main reason I don't want t take the meds is I don't want t b reliant on them t function, though some nights I would take a sledge hammer to get to sleep n most mornings need a rocket t start hoping when I see rheumatologist next month I get help tens sounds good xxxx


Sorry your in so much pain. I agree with what others have already posted. Some great suggestions there.

As Fibro can effect us all differently I would say listen to what your body is telling you. It will tell you what you can and can not do alsowhat foods upset you ect.

I think all we can do is treat our symptoms as they come up.

So say the meds for Fibro help a little but not for me unfotunately. But I would not put folks of trying them. What works for one person may not work for another.

I have found that no matter how much pain I am in trying to do a little and often is better than doing nothing at all. Even on the days I just want to stay in bed and roll up in to a ball. I don't want my muscles to become even weaker through lack of movement. Even been w/chair user my muscles need exercise.

I hope you find what works for you. (hugs)



I'm the same, but read gentle stretching helps, I can't swim terrified or would try that. Can't take much pain killers they make me ill. My pain is in both hips, knees, ankles & shoulders all tho 1 side is worse than other, right hurts all the time left half the time, typical me.


*Any advise on trying to sleep with this pain

I advise trying some kind of deep muscle cream like George's Aloe Herbal Rubdown. You can purchase it on Amazon. However, in all honesty there is no miracle fix when you are having a bad flare day. This is only affective on days when you are just hurting enough to be annoyed. But, in saying that you cannot let yourself get discouraged or depressed on the flare days or your pain will only increase in length of time and intensity.

* any tips to try on pain relief med's

In my opinion, even though they are weak and not a miracle fix, I use anti-inflammatory med's and a light muscle relaxer. The stronger meds only make you not care for a little while but they will not cure you or get rid of the pain all together. Some people need to get away from it all and so they rely on the heavy pain meds but when they wake up from their pain med high the pain is still there. So it becomes an endless cycle of relying on heavy pain meds to make you no longer care.

*foods to try drinks to drink or not drink

Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and night shade vegetables. I found that my diet really did matter. Some foods make me feel worse and I find myself gaining energy each day I avoid those foods

*exercise's to try ( most pain from hips down and Upper back)

With this I cant answer you. I have been given many exercises too try but they only seem to drag me down for days afterwards. My advise is do what you can but always get up out of bed and do something.


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