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Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forum. Reading all the posts it makes me realise, its not all in my head. I had a heart attack 2yrs ago that led on to fibromyalgia. These last few months my right foot is getting harder to walk on, does anyone know if this is a part of fibromyalgia. I was on Enhanched P.I.P. But did what they have they done to a large lot of people. Reduced me to standard, and took my motibility car 4 weeks ago. I'm appealing. So now I'm trapped as my nearest shop is a bus ride away. Coping with fibromyalgia is very hard, like the lady said on one of the posts. She has gone from 12hr shifts to nothing. So have I . I was a night shift carer in a care home, I loved and miss my job not just for the pleasure of been around older, wiser, people. Also I was independent earned my own money bought my own car. Now we have to rely on the state . Anybody feel the same. Thinking of you all

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Hi Dianne, i also have lost my enhanced mobility and have gone as far as i can with tribunals. I have now been advised to wait 6 months and then reapply with their help and advice. To be honest it is a relief being told to wait I feel that i can relax instead of constantly waiting for the scary brown envelopes.

I didnt have a car to lose, I had to stop driving some time ago and my hubby has a car, but we were saving for a small van that could fitted with ramps to get my wheelchair in easier.

Looks like it will have to go on hold for now.

I do miss going to work. i was a cleaner in a lab for 15yrs and had watched most of the staff grow up from being in their teens or early twentys to being married with a family.

Luckily in some ways i was better off than most people. I didnt have to make the choice on when to leave, we were all made redundant just before a major flair, possibly brought on by the redundancy.

Fibro is a difficult illness to cope with and everyone on this fantastic site will help and advise you.

You dont explain as to why your foot is getting harder to walk on,

Is it due to pain or weakness it would help us to know what is happening before we can say whether or not it sounds the same as we have. But never take anything we say as a diagnosis, always see your doctor with any problems.

Welcome and hugs sue.


Thankyou for the comment, I've never been a person to write on forums. I'm sorry you did not get anywhere with your appeal, it's so wrong that we have worked hard paid into the system, only to be made to prove we are ill or lose our money. I hope you win in the end. My foot is sore enough some days to not be able to walk on. Then other days the pain is still there but bearable to walk on just. Thankyou hugs to you


Sorry i cant help with foot pain, my feet are about the size of a baby elephants, my legs feel like they are made of concrete and some times give way under me. But no pain.

Another member may be able to help more.

I had never been on a forum before. I had had a quick look at a few but none seemed to be friendly. this site is different in that we are more like a group of friends who have fibro.

I cant get out and about so this site with the chat and fun i would be going stir crazy.

I hope that you also find it helps you. :P


Hi I am also new had fibromyalgia for 10 years had the run a round from doctors and many tests done got told last year waiting to find out about pip had assesment at home two weeks tomorrow can hardly walk now pain is so bad take 900 mlg of gabbipenton 3 times a day not helping pain still bad yellow to everyone


Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I want to gneuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your appeal.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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Hi Dianne

I too am new to the forum but reading through it sounds like friends who really get how you feel. Sometimes I think people don't take my symptoms seriously as they are so bizarre. Welcome - here's to a better quality of life.


Hi Dianne, I too have a foot that's causing me a lot of problems with walking. Some days it seems OK, but today it's so sore. I had a diagnosis of a bursa between two toes, and was given an injection that solved it for a while, but now the pain is back. I find myself limping along wishing I'd not set out on foot. I'm so sorry you've lost your mobility car too. MariLiz


Hi again, Thanks to everyone who has replied to my posts, it makes me feel as though I'm not as alone as I felt I was. Too Mayrose54 , elephants feet eh! they probably just feel that way. I'm thinking of asking the D.W.P. For help with my costs to travel over to another town to see my Rheumatologist, as they have taken my car from me. I got a huge bundle of papers from D.W.P. For my appeal. So I will be wading through them soon. Thanks again everybody for the replies. Lots of hugs to you all xx


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