Hi I was diagnosed with fibryomaglia myofacial syndrome bout a year ago but we not been able to settle it down my doctor as been brillant I am taking pregablin 675mla day plus solpadol 4 times a day 500ml plus 30 ml combined but this not helping with my pain I struggling to walk lift my arms oain in the hios back legs shoulders plus the crack when I move my arms my ankkes swollen one ankle popps when I walk my knees hurts my arms wrists and finger plus my fingers and toes are curling there look like claws I have tennis ellbow in both elbows plus I get real bad pains in both my eyes which kadt for days I gad physio but she could do much as I was in so much oain I been prodiartry cause pain in bottom of feet said could help till there got undercontrol i am so tired all the time and fatigue i go out and visit i start to nod of to sleep i am working but finding hard to work now i thinking of asking doctor if i could go on dick try to settle this down ser if that would help cause U i at my witts end i feel like i not got a life i in so much pain at weekends all i do is curl up on sofa cause i feel so il there days when i cry with pain do do U think my doctor would put me on the sick

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  • Have you been checked for diabetic neuropathy?? I see a neurologist for a few reasons. Rheumatologist for fibro and osteo. I also take cymbalta, soma,robaxin and vit d vit b-12 . He might check your vitamin level also. Good luck and I am sure others will try to help

  • I am sure if you talk to your doctor he will be sympathetic and probably suggest some rest, only going on my own experience and I don't have all of what you do, I stopped working 9 years ago cos i couldn't cope with both the pain and work, I have never returned to work although about 4 years ago I tried but only lasted 6 weeks, all i am saying is try to work for as long as poss as it is very difficult to get back to work if your symptons are just getting worse. Although most of my days are hideous I really miss work and the interaction with other workers, contributing financially to the house. You have to do what's best for you tho. good luck, hope your symptons ease a little x

  • Thank U for the reply I been checked all that I on iron tablets and vitamin d as my body won't absord them my job is very hard I a cleaner I getting to the stage where I struggling to do my job with pain and migraines I finding painfull to carry and lift I going back doctor in 3 weeks so I see how I am then my brother hsad same systems as me but worse been diagnosed with motor nurome disease

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read of how you are struggling and suffering and I sincerely hope that you can find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve. I would inform your GP that your medications are not workign for you and ask what else they can give you as there are quite a few out there. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank U my doctors not happy with the hospital for discharging me he wrote to them again he allso on about sending me to pain clinic as hr running out of medication to try me on as I try few different things my family really dont understand there look at me see nothing wrong but dont understand how much pain I on how fatigue I am I sit down when get in from work sit with a cup of tea next thing i gone sleep want to say thank U again for replying to me

  • Thinking of you don't give up x

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