Day to remember?

We all good things to think about when we are having a bad time with pain/health etc yes? So what do think is your best day to use?

I use some sunny day on holiday or maybe the sensory thought of walking on a beach where I used to live.

One going into the good to remember is today my dear friend had a renewal of wedding vows with a service and a reception speech and cake wow what a day!

4 Replies

  • I close my eyes and take myself to Marmaris to the hotel we stay in every year :-) Iv just been for a little swim, it's hot, hubby next me and were laughing at our daughter dancing around and jumping into the pool...... 47 weeks till we are there again... Total bliss x

    Love this post

  • Sounds like heaven x

  • I just think about my garden and I am away!

  • When I need to calm down I imagine I am on top of a hill looking down, basking in sunshine and in the distance I can hear a waterflow. The birds are dancing in the warm air. Perfect peace no mobile reception.

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