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hope your all as well as can be

Just a very little update

Things look like there moving fast, got my compliant form from ATSO this morning.

So suppose we will be tackling that in bits and bats this week end,

Won't be going any where because my back still in turmoil fibro is bad enough but my body feels like it's been through the ringer and I am going to ask the council can they not send as many buses through my bed room at night I am trying to sleep.

Ho well onwards and upwards.

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That has come through very quickly? It may be beneficial to talk about this with CAB / Benefit Adviser prior to completing the forms to give you the optimum chance of proving your case. One option could be to ring your local council and ask for an ''Occupational Therapy Assessment'' and discuss it with their benefit adviser?

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

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Thank you Ken

Yes it did come through very quick, but it came with a letter saying I wanted to complain about having to wait to long fir my hone visit!

So they haven,t git that right to start with.

Yes we are going to talk things over with CAB , all being well tomorrow will depend on what sort of day it is for me Monday.

There are no firms to fill in, all you get is a leaflet saying hope to do it.

We have done a letter of complaint, and then done a separate sheet for each. I.e. Question and how they were asked,

Question that weren,t asked.

Then the examination.

There is seven pages. If I thought anyone one here could help I might be able to post all of it on here, but it is so long think they would get fed up of reading it. That even if it is possible to do that.

Will keep you all informed .

Take care G

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