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Aching muscles

My left foot feels like I've sprained/bashed it. The muscles round the right hand side of my chest, rib cage, back area, obliques feel like they are crushed/ruptured. Does anyone else have this? Sometimes I find it hard to breathe let alone laugh. I'm trying to avoid taking tramedol but it does seem to allow me to function averagely normal. Any tips?

Thanks xx

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Morning, yes I get the this it's horrible feels like you can't breath. It's al. The muscles around my chest.... Just have to ride it out and rest in my experience. X


Morning. Thank you. I used to be a gymnast and know what it feels like to rupture muscles. This feels the same. I can barely cough. I've given and taken some tramadol as I really need to do stuff today. If that doesn't help I'll take a diazepam to relax the muscle. I'm a limping mess at the mo. Xx


Yes, this is an awful experience. If you are prescribed Medication, you should really take It to help aleviate the pain. If the breathing difficulties persist, please see you GP, there may be something else going on.

Take care, warm hugs to you :) xxx


The chest thing was actually how my fibro first stopped me working although I now realise I must have been having various symptoms for years. It is a horrible feeling as it is so sore and painful any expansion of the chest and rib cage is excrutiatingly painful and lying down on the worse side a complete no no I am often surrounded in pillows on my bed trying to get comfy. I haven't worn a bra or anything very tight around my ribcage in years as it is too painful and I always regret it if I give it a go.

Unfortunately, I think it is best to take the meds as otherwise the pain gets on top of you. I do find one of those cooling gels helps or at the other end of the spectrum a lovely warm Epsom salt bath. Hope it eases a bit soonx


Ii am so genuinely sorry to read that and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with this issue. I always think it is best to have new / persistent pains checked out by your GP, especially with it being chest pains. Please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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