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burning down a little

By increasing my ativan at night, I have been sleeping better(comparatively!) and taking more during the day, the burning is down on my skin. Not gone but now I feel like someone only sprinkled a small shaker of pepper on me, not chili peppers sprayed on my skin. On the other hand, the ativan makes me feel "off", groggy but having brain fog for quite a while - not so bad(I was able to work on a necessary volunteer project- only on my computer but couldn't get to it much before). I see the orthopedic surgeon tomorrow for the first time since the MRI showing the mess of my spine-I didn't even look up all the things it said that I don't understand(because I'd rather have him tell me than Dr. Google) but severe inflammation was one. So I am hopeful that he will suggest something- injections/more PT/different meds. The burning had been so bad I wasn't noticing the tingling/muscles spasms in my legs- I notice it now.

I hope today to go to an indoor butterfly garden- we'll see. I hope you have a good day - or as good as it can be

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Hope you managed to get to the Butterfly garden. I can remember going to one on the edge of Dartmoor and it was a marvellous experience. It was a very hot day and of course the temperatures were high in there as they had many exotics and the butterflues were landing and having a little taste of my sweat. They also had a Hummingbird loose and he was licking the sweat with his tongue and it was magical.

Hope you get a good explanation of your spine problems tomorrow in a manner which is understandable and I sincerely hope that they can give you some treatments or medications that can ease some of your symptoms. Please let us know how you get on.x


We have a indoor butterfly garden here and it is awesome! Have a wonderful time! Maybe take a picture or two and post them I for one would love to see what your is like!

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I am so genuinely sorry to read that, and I sincerely hope that all of your questions get answered for you. I also genuinely hope that you managed to get to the butterfly garden. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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I could not see the butterflies the other day- this is an extremely busy time of year at the museum where I volunteer and when my shift was over - the museum was a zoo(hahaha). However, it is there all year round so I need to get in first thing one day(if I don't have a morning shift at my exhibit) or wait for the visitors to slow down.

My orthopedic surgeon said I do have a fairly severe nerve compression in my spine due to arthritis and gave me a new neurologist to see because my symptoms are not just related to arthritis, osteo, disc issues or anxiety. this doctor said "I don't want to just write this off to anxiety". I think doctors do write it off to that that when they don't know what is wrong - so let's just call it anxiety even though it could be something else. I do have anxiety but the newish (6 months now) symptoms are highly unusual to someone whose anxiety has been around for many years!


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