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Appointments here!

Good Morning to all my friends,

Well the second appointment for the Rheumy is here, 11.10 this morning. I am feeling very anxious and really sore and in pain, hardly slept last night.

I am usually good at consoling other's but I can't seem to do this with myself this morning. I'v been before so I don't know why I am worring( nervous wreak) Hey ho and a bottle of rum as they say.

Will update later.



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Good luck with your appointment love.

I like to think I'm ok at giving advice but I can't take my own advice!

If you've already had an appointment, your Rheumy will probably just ask for an update on how you've been and to see how your meds are working.

Try to think of it as just a check up. Hopefully that will help.

Please do let us know how you get on. We will all be rooting for you.


Lu xx

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hello Elizabeth,

sending you strength and calming vibes your way, I know too well what you are feeling right now.

good luck, let us know how apt went x

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I want to genuinely wish you all the best for your appointment and I will look out for your update on this.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Hi Ryanbone

I had my second appt with Rheumy last week.

I was told by medical officer at work that the Rheumy would have some sort of treatment plan for me.

It was a different Rheumy that the first one, she was young, very nice and caring, and listened to me outline my symptoms, what I'd already done to help myself (ie pain clinic referral from GP, pain management course) and my 'research' from this site and others.

She just kind of agreed with my observations, agreed that fibro probably would be affected by my hypothyroid condition (and vice versa), agreed that I needed bloods for Vit B12, D and iron and agreed to write that in the letter to my GP.

She told me to ask to be referred back if I had any more problems and that's it! Off you go with your diagnosis!

So, if you have anything left in that bottle of rum Ryanbone, I'll join you in a dram xxx

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Understandable how you feel but the sad reality is that the Rheumatologists have very few options to help us.......We all want that magic wand touch and it just isn't there. There is no cure only symptomatic relief.....The rest as they say is down to us individually to manage this illness day to day.......and concentrate on all the various things we ourselves can do that might just ease our way....medication alone is not the answer. If you are anything like me you just won't have the energy to spare to waste on getting frustrated and angry.....With so little energy all we can do is use it as wisely as we can. ....

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So true, stumpedok, after the nasty shock of initial diagnosis I've not had any energy to waste on feeling angry or sorry for myself (well, maybe the odd fleeting moment!).

I don't rely on much medication, and since joining this site I've even cut down on some that I've realised are hindering, not helping. I'm attempting to heal my gut, ensuring that I receive adequate vitamin and mineral supplements and generally being a 'glass half full' gal as much as possible.

I just hoped there might be some light at the end of a very long tunnel from the professionals, but no.........................

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Fleeting moments more than allowed!!! Never give up on Hope.....tomorrow is all to play for! Take care of you.

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Plenty left to share with you maggi :) xxx


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