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Well went to the GP yesterday, slight change to my meds..,it turns out after three months of waiting the hospital never received my referal for pain clinic argghhhh GP not happy so lets hope the rant he had has done some good...while i was there i told him about my new problem that im finding it hard to start weeing, even with a full bladder, i don't have an infection thank god but i do have blood in my urine....have to go back in a week for more tests...has anyway else had this. Is it FM or something new xx

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I have the same exact thing happening to me. I am going tomorrow morning. I also have a fever too.

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Its sounds silly but i have to sit for a long while and tell myself you need to go, its almost like my brain has forgotten how to tell the bladder to empty....i have no fever just a pain around my left kidney


Hello Rebecca

It could be possible that you have the start of a urine infection. Something like a Urinary Tract Infection. Did the GP do a dip test of your urine whilst you were there?

In the meantime it would be a good idea for you to stop drinking any concentrated orange juice. Cut down on coffee and tea. Drink lots of water, as much as you can.

I know this sounds random but it is worth trying. I have had so many UTI's, so I speak from experience. When you are trying to pee, run the tap in the sink. Another idea is to try and pee whilst you are in the shower.

Try not to leave it too long before you go for a pee, so that your bladder is not overloaded. Drinking lots of water will help flush any infection through your body.

Drinking Cranberry juice can help. You can also buy Cranberry tablets that are in the Vitamin aisle in supermarkets.

Cutting out alcohol, if you drink it will also help.

It does seem to be a common theme with men and women to have urine/bladder problems.

It is also possible that some of your medications you are taking can have this side effect.

Oh yes. Drinking Barley water can also help.


Lu xx

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I have unfortunately learnt my lesson with referrals and now if I don;t hear anything in about 2/3 weeks I chase it up. Twice I have been taken off the Pain Clinic books as some fool clicked the wrong drop down box so a follow up appointment wasn't made as they had clicked the None Attendance so you are automatically taken off. Mind you you are supposed to then be referred back to your GP so that bit did not work either. Trying to prove that you were actually there as they archive the notes is quite an amusing exercise. Hope when you eventually get there they can give you some good advice.

Hope there is nothing too seriously wrong with the bladder. At the first feeling that I might have anything wrong down there I always drink loads of Barley Water like Lu and usually I can stop it before it takes a hold. Fingers crossed for you.x


I am so genuinely sorry to read about your referral and I sincerely hope that you get an appointment soon. I am also sorry to read about you having blood in your urine and I sincerely hope that they can get to the bottom of this issue for you. I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the bets of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

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I recently had/passed a small kidney stone ... Second ever, this one two years after my first, and both resulting from Topiramate for migraines. Afterward, Iended up with a bladder infection, along with blood in my urine.

I had, however, about 5 or 6 years ago, been sent to a urologist to determine if I had bladder or kidney issues, bc they detected blood in my urine in routine lab work. No problems were found, then, so appears it can be "just something that happens ..." This was about the time my Fibro was first formally diagnosed ... Tho I would say I had lots of FM symptoms for many years prior.

Because of my experiences, I would not stress too much about this ... just have any tests done that your docs recommend, but try not to lose *more* sleep, and follow the wise suggestions you've been given by others!!!

Thinking of you ~ soft hugs, bk


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