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How's my Lovely Friends ,I hope your all feeling better today.

Well I'm fat an Fifty now ,ha ha. Had my birthday last week in bed ,not good ,in so much pain all I did was sleep the whole week ,so my first week being ,50 and I missed it. Ha ha ,that's one way to get old. Sleep and you don't see all the wrinkles, ha ha. Or notice every thing going down to your knees ,ha ha

I went out for a meal ,the first time iv been out in ,2yrs. So proud of my self ,I had a bit of a wobble ,but moved to a quite corner an I was OK after that

I was good ,I only had my main meal an salad ,no dessert .it was LUSH

Then big bang back to earth ,pain Horrendous that evening ,that was Friday. Slept all day Saturday and Sundry.Monday still in so much pain ,can't move not even to make a cuppa, and yesterday just as bad.

To Day ,hardle any pain,got up hoverd round ,put the dishwasher on ,cleaned all the work tops,NOW I'm Knacked. Back to bed. Balance wobble ,pain in every joint ,jaw gone in to spasm cause iv been chatting on the phone for to long, can't bend backs frozen up. Left side can't feel were I had a stroke.popping morphine as iv got the Doctors to night to Demand that I see a specialist for my ME an FIBRO.

Migraine coming on as well.

And I woke up feeling so GOOD today ,

Just to do a bit of House work,ha ha




Thank you for all my replys last week ,sorry I didn't get to responed to you all ,I couldn't even text ,I was in so much pain .Thank you xx

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I am so genuinely sorry to read of your suffering at this time and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with this. I would also like to genuinely wish you a very happy belated birthday, if I may.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Thank you Ken,that's Lovely of you ,I don't have friend's and my family are all at loger head's with each other ,my 2 Daughters ,and I didn't see my elderly parents cause my dad's very iLL ,and mum's not much better ,so it was just myself an Colin ,an as I said before ,I was asleep most of the day ,it was such a shame he took a week of work and I slept all week ,ha ha ,I laugh as much as possible now ,it dose help.

An iv lost 1st 4 lb in 2 months that's help ,more go come off ,but I'll get there.

How are you ,?I hope your family and your self are as well as can be expected ,with this Horrendous condition ,an your lovely grandchildren are doing well ,my granddaughter was 3 on Sunday ,it goes so fast ,

Well I'm off to sleep ,iv done well today ,iv been out of bed all day ,that's a record for me ,ha ha .I think if I only had a few things to deal with ,I could cope ,but cause its so many ,an they all cause pain ,it's very hard for me .when I first become unwell 16yrs ago ,it was just the ME ,Brain Tumour,Epilepsy, Asthma. I still worked ,I made sure I didn't over do it ,but I coped ,now with the rest of my conditions. It's like trying to ride a bike backwards ,you get so far , then you stop.

Love an Huggs

Thank you again


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Thanks Jacqui, we are all not too bad considering everything. Please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Belated Happy birthday wishes. Yes I spent my 60th birthday sitting in the chair looking at my watch to see when I could politely possibly crawl back into bed as you say not exactly as planned but birthdays are just another day aren;t they so perhaps when you are feeling a bit better you can push the boat out.

The trouble with days when you feel a little better you can tend to go mad and then we are back to square one again. Have had to go around looking at bathrooms today and then our lovely friend who took us (she came to give me moral support and to push my lovely but very none practical husband in the right direction) decided she wanted to treat us to tea and cake at a local garden centre. Unfortunately, the only tables were outside so I have got back frozen and sore.

Your are doing brilliantly on the weight front and the more you can lose I think the better you will feel as there is less stress on the old muscles and joints. It is all difficult isn't it when you can't exercise right but you are doing well despite this.

Take care, omwards and upwards as they say.x


Dear Rosewine ,Thank you so much, has anyone told you ,what a lovely lady you are ,and I mean that from the bottom of my heart .I hope your back is better from sitting in the cold ,iv been freezing ,bed socks ,Jim jams ,and my Darling man ,nude ,ha ha ,not fair. Ha ha ..Are you a July birthday like my self ?.

Iv got to have a walk in SHOWER put in. I keep falling over trying to get out the Shower ,I'm so bruised at the moment .I must say ,its bean hard to lose the weight ,I allways went splash aerobics and the gym ,I started doing that when I was 19 yrs,an I stopped 6 yrs ago due to my MR and my stroke an damaged Spine.I'm going to try an go back swimming an splash aerobics if I can ,I bought one of those vibration machines,you stand on it an do exercise at the same time ,which is so hard when you have balance problems, so I have to put it against the wall so I don't full ,I was doing the protein shakes with almond milk ,but it caused my Kidneys a problem ,iv now got a Kidney stone an also an infection ,the Doctor said its the protein doing it. I'm allergic to so much food , I don't eat enough ,so my body stores everything .I don't eat chocolate or dairy ,bread ,gluten ,etc ,its a pain ,so I don't know what I'm going to do now ,iv allso started taking that Raspberry ketone,an garcinia cambogia,acai berry,guarana ,ginseng ,vitamin c collagen, multi vitamin, iv got more energy, an I'm staying a wake during the day a bit more ,so they are working plus they have helped me to lose weight ,I all so have a patch on my tummy ,which helps suppress your hunger. I put 4 stone on ,but I want to lose 6 St altogether so ,iv got 4st 5lb to go .I'll get there, all my medication doesn't help ,I'm on steroids. Gabapentin ,an another 42 tablets on top of those. Well its 2 o'clock in the morning ,I best try an get some sleep.Take care. Thank you again for being so kind ,an lovely

Love an Huggs



Hope you got some sleep I didn't get much again last night because of the lower back pain which is the bane of my life. You should be proud of yourself girl as it sounds as though you are having a real go at getting back on the right track.

it is funny about the protein as when I was prescribed hydrotherapy the physio told the ladies in the class of a certain age to have as much protein as they could and if they did not eat much red meat etc to have protein shakes as a supplement. He said after a certain age however much we exercised women's bodies had difficulty in building up enough muscle tone. I dutifully bought the very expensive powder and started to have a couple a day, one with just fruit to substitute one of my meals and one in addition. I started to feel really ill so dropped it to one a day but still felt yuck so that expensive suggestion had to go out of the window. Just a thought out of concern does your doctor know what vitamins and supplements you are taking as although they all sound excellent my old doctor told me not to take certain things with the meds i was on so I always used to tell him what I intended to take before paying out for expensive things that might not suit me.

I used to adore grapefruit for breakfast never had anything else as it seemed to start me up for the day right and then was told when I had to go on some tablets it was a no no, grhh!!! I hate cereal but have to have it now, I have never been a fan of bread and anything wholemeal makes my IBS flare.

Those vibration machines are supposed to be good but be careful as you say you don't want any falls.

I'm an Aries by the way but strangely always seem to get on with people who have their birthday in July. Take care.x


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