FAQ - Can you help, I am looking for a local Support Group for Fibromyalgia?

Hello Members,

Welcome to our Fibromyalgia Action UK ! :)

Talking to others online here in our HealthUnlocked community can be a great form of support but you may find it can also be good to find some local support too.

FMAUK have dedicated volunteers who act as Regional Coodrinators for different parts of the UK. After filling out the form an email will be sent to the Regional Coordinator & then they will get back to you with information about your nearest group including contact details including meeting information if that is available.

Here's the link to make contact;


Remember that the majority of volunteers involved with the charity suffer from Fibromyalgia as we do have off days during the week and therefore replies may not be immediate although they are normally back to you the next day or so. Volunteers offer as much time around their normal life as they feel they can so we appreciate your patience in advance.

However if you do not get a reply within say a week or 10 days then please do drop them another email through the form and if you still receive no response then you can either contact a HealthUnlocked Community Admin via a personal message here in this community or contact Head Office (details can be found in bold near the bottom)

Community Admin


How to send a private message


Groups are a great way to meet people that understand what you are going through as well as picking up tips that may help you. Many are also involved with raising awareness of Fibromyalgia within your local community; so if you are passionate about this you may be able to get involved with their activities too! :)

In addition to using HealthUnlocked & to meeting up in person we have the following sites you may like to join, follow or engage with! Please see link;


If you have any difficulty finding out any information in any extenuating circumstances ie: Regional Coordinator period of sickness. Please do email us at Head Office if you do not receive a reply after 10 days + and we will endeavour to provide you with any information you need.

Email us using: Head.office@fmauk.org

Hazel, FMAUK Administrator will be happy to help

Please note this may be shared either on Facebook, Twitter or sent via email in response to Support Group queries

Best Wishes

Emma :)

Community Coordinator


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