Fibromyalgia Action UK & our Social Media !

Fibromyalgia Action UK & our Social Media !

Hello Members,

To go alongside the poll -

I thought I would provide links to all our social media sites. If you are not following us and would like to then this is a post for you (all links available from the website of course) However due the poll if I put them in a post it might tie it all up nicely :)

Plus obviously as a newly formed as Fibromyalgia Action UK we have tried hard to combine sites to keep followers but may have lost some of you in the process. If so, please reconnect with us ! :)

So here goes ....... all the links you need & why !! :)

FMAUK HealthUnlocked -

Needs no explanation!

However for the purpose of sharing on social media here's the About Us link for more information;

Website -

'One of the best sites to bookmark for information and to keep up to date with articles posted regularly' Thank You to Hazel & Des plus others who contribute to the website :)

FMAUK Website forum -

A website forum used by many with many different sub topics with links to the website

Twitter -

Tweets are small messages you can use to share information & raise awareness, ReTweet (RT) to show you agree with something and also if you have Twitter you'll know about Trending Hashtags (#) . These can go viral and many, many people see your posts if you get a hashtag trending and this is done so by the sheer numbers who RT or use that Hashtag - for instance #fightfibro Also campaigns like Thunderclap can use Twitter to increase social reach by thousands. A good reason to follow & retweet if any is to get that awareness out there!

Facebook -

Facebook similiar to Twitter can help with Social Reach and many members of the general public may see posts and could read them if shared enough by supporters. Also lots of people engage with FMAUK on our Facebook page which in some ways if you have Facebook can maybe form a relationship with the charity. Obviously we understand some may not due to confidentiality but some like chatting to others that contribute to the site as a shared goal to raise awareness. Thunderclap can use Facebook to for campaigns

Just Giving -

Here you can see all the great support fundraisers give to the charity with pictures, stories & funds raised. Often on Twitter & Facebook we share current & completed fundraiser's pages so you can see what people are & have been doing to support us

Giveasyoulive -

Online shopping with a donation made by Giveasyoulive without any cost to you can only be a good thing, to help raise funds for the cause. Anyone can sign up and do their normal shop using well known retailers and raise funds

Easyfundraising -

Same principle as above, shop online using Easy Fundraising & we get a donation from the retailer at no cost to you - easy as 1.2.3

Text Donate -

Lots of people use smartphone devices and some want to help by donating amounts by text as and when then can. Text Donate makes this easy and we truly appreciate all donations Thank You :)

Fundraising & support can be done in a variety of different ways to help support the cause please see ink below for more information;

Other ways to get involved;

Your support goes a long way towards what we can do not only in regards to funds but support of campaigns by sheer volume of numbers who show support.

Please do follow us if you regularly use any of these social media accounts or maybe Bookmark our website for an occasionally read. We do try to post articles all over but just in case you miss something I think the website is the BEST resource to use too :)

Thank You for reading & to all those who follow us or who start today :)

Please Note this may be shared on Facebook and/or Twitter

Emma :)

Community Coordinator

P.S Understand if you do not have time, do not use these sites or feel not technically minded too - this is purely an information post so people know where to find us if they want to. :)

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  • I missed one in the vote as I also use ''Give As You live'' I forgot all about that!

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