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Well PiP's decision is in...

What a croc... I have been awarded standard daily living and standard mobility as I got 10 points as it was in their opinion that I could walk 20 - 50 meters.. So many things are wrong on the form, I read it and have appealed straight away, OMG!!!! I need help off my husband he is the one who bathes me and they put in their opinion they agree I can do this with an aid. What does that even mean.... is my husband a thing.... So angry right now..

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oh dear...good luck with your appeal x


Thank you, Audh x

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I know how you feel, I just had my 2nd assessment. I have been awarded daily living standard rate which is fair but my mobility has been downgraded from enhanced to standard rate. I can understand why it has happened (I agreed I could walk for 2 mins at the assessment) but it's not true. I was totally thrown by being asked how long I could walk for before having to stop and sit down rather than how far. I wasn't given chance to explain my answer or to explain how often I could walk this far for.

I have asked for a reconsideration and copies of my reports

My second assessment was totally different to the first, far less detailed, the answers weren't read back to me to check that I agreed, if they would have been I would of changed that answer,



Just to confirm the rules for PIP to get you the 12 points you need for Enhanced Mobility. Unfortunately they seem to have tightened up on this since the change over from DLA I reckon they want less people to be eligible for a Mobility Car. I just can't imagine that you could walk 20 metres in 2 minutes the way you are and be capable of anything else afterwards. It is absolutely disgusting how they twist the facts.

e. Can stand and then move more than 1 metre but no more than 20 metres, either aided or unaided. 12 points.

f. Cannot, either aided or unaided, –

(i) stand; or

(ii) move more than 1 metre. 12 points.Can stand and then move more than 1 metre but no more than 20 metres, either

Good luck with your appeal.x


They asked if I could walk 2mins and I said yes on a good day but slowly with stops and starts, and apparently this translates into yes I can walk aided for 20 - 50 meters. My assessment was cut short when I couldn't continue with it as I couldn't do the physical side or get on the bed to be checked.

I have to wait for someone to phone me up to 5 working days. Its so nerve wrecking.

Total Nightmare :(


Yep, exactly the same, I wasn't given the chance to explain how it varies. All the stuff on my form about not being able to repeatedly walk that far and without causing significant pain was ignored.

I have read that if it causes you significant pain they have to treat it that you can't do it. But you are right, apparently 2 minutes means they assume 20-50 metres. If he had asked can you walk 20 or 50 meters I would (and I'm sure you would) have said no. Its a deliberate attempt to give a lesser award and to catch people out.

Are there any health professionals that will give you a letter stating clearly that you can't normally walk 20 meters? I am seeing my gp on Monday to ask him, if he says no I have no-one else to ask.

Have a think, I went onto the benefits and work website and they said that rather than trying to say its unfair (which it is) concentrate on proving that 0-20 meters is correct.

Hope that helps a bit, we may be going to appeal together!!



Did you ask for a reconsideration? I'm wondering why someone is calling you back, is that the assessor??


I phoned up and asked to appeal, I was told I couldn't appeal until I go through a reconsideration, and would I like them to just look at my claim or would I like to speak with them. I said I would like to speak with them. As I am not happy with some of the assessors assessment. So I now I have to wait for the call.



I can imagine you are extremely angry as it is such a difference in points being awarded. I am presuming that your OH has to wash you all over and help you dry? They are getting so tight on their interpretations of this that soon no one will be eligible for anything but the lower rates. I just don;t know how people manage who live on their own it must be a nightmare.

Let us know how you get on with your appeal.x


Yes me OH has to help wash, dry and dress me. There are certain things I can do like brush my teeth, use the toilet, but my needs are met by my OH and children. My neighbours are in up roar it shows how many nice people are there to give you a shoulder to cry on.

I agree about people who live along, my heart goes out to them especially if they are going through uncertainty right now

I will keep you posted Thanks x


I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your appeal.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Ken as always you are a gent, always there with a hope and a smile x


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